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Subj: Re: How to make a realistic, down-to-earth movie about Viking Gods with magic hammers
Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2009 at 08:18:44 pm EDT (Viewed 161 times)
Reply Subj: How to make a realistic, down-to-earth movie about Viking Gods with magic hammers
Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2009 at 07:14:33 pm EDT (Viewed 201 times)



      Never really thought Blake would make it to the movie. I do wonder how they're going to do this more on Earth instead of Asgard and make it work.

    The most obvious way to do a fully superhuman Thor in an Earth setting is to play him like Superman, the Last Son of Asgard who acts as a super-strong messiah. Perhaps this could be like Superman 2, with Loki as a General Zod type, and Thor in his bespectacled Sigurd Jarlson identity. It's not the most original take, but it'd do the job.

I'd almost forgotten about his old cover ID Sigurd. Good idea, could work.

Personally, I wouldn't have minded if they had the whole movie in Asgard and ended it w/ Thor being banished to Earth(similar to how the Captain America movie is rumored to be set in WWII), but I can partly see why they went to get to Thor on Earth right off the bat.

Still, in the Earth > Asgard approach, I think it would have behooved them to incorporate Don Blake as a vehicle to help move the story along. As a plot device, he works beautifully as a method for Thor to interact w/ humanity a la Clark Kent - thus, his absence is somewhat baffling when they say they want to spend more time on Earth than on Asgard and is what leads me to wonder exactly how they intend to pull off a secret identity-less god on Earth, unless that Sigurd idea gets put into play.

    More ambitiously, they could do an Ultimate Thor movie, using the mentally suspect environmentalist version of the character. The change of zeitgeist following Obama's election could make this have a chance, and playing around with the idea that the god of thunder might just be a mental patient with stolen tech would give a sequel hook. It'd also help alleviate the difficulties translating the classic Thor's monstrously gaudy costume to film, since UltThor's look is much more streamlined ( ditching the red cape and winged helmet, and reducing the costumey elements to the glowing discs on his shirt and belt. Ultimate Mjolnir might need some tweaking, since Hitch designed it to look like a third-disc Ultimate Weapon in a Final Fantasy game, but I still think it's better than the brick on a stick ).

I don't dispute that, aesthetically speaking, Ultimate Thor makes for a far easier translation to the big screen than Classic Thor.

However, when considering using the Ultimate version's plotline for adaptation, I think that approach is begging for failure. For one, I don't see the point in setting up a false 'is he or isn't he' mystery which the audience will either see through or not appreciate, not to mention that w/out the other Ultimates around, it won't give you anything interesting to shoot or for the audience to see.

Ultimate Thor just doesn't have the world, the supporting characters, the storylines, or any of the necessary trappings to build not just a film, but a franchise, that the 616 Thor does, regardless of how gaudy his traditional costume is.

And while even I'd sub in the Ultimate costume for adaptation purposes, gimme that brick on a stick any day over the wannabe axe. \:\-D

Besides, between the two hammers, the Kirby design is just the far more recognizable version, even outside of comics. And it doesn't really help the case for the axe when even Ultimate Thor is now using the classic hammer design...

So my solution? Go ahead and use the Hitch costume. But keep the Kirby hammer, ignore Millar, and just mine all those beautiful stories Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Walt Simonson gave us.

    Apparently there'll also be an animated Thor series, which would be much better suited to Asgard. I've already started casting voice actors for the roles; Thor would be Ron Perlman ( his many animated roles Hellboy, Orion, Clayface, and Mr. Lancer; BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES!! ), Loki would be Steve Blum in the voice he uses for Orochimaru on Naruto, and Jeff Bennett would make for a good Odin. And if Hercules appears, it would be a criminal oversight for them not to cast Jon DiMaggio, given how his rendition of Aquaman in the current Batman cartoon fits Herc to a tee.

Ah yes, I've heard of that. I believe this was a press release from Marvel awhile back when they announced the news -


I like the Blum idea for Loki. Likewise Perlman as Thor. I almost think I'd rather John Rhys-Davies for Odin, though. And I can really hear Maria Canals as Sif. Or maybe Brunhilde the Valkyrie.

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