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Subj: Voice-Casting the Thor Cartoon
Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 at 11:10:55 am EDT (Viewed 113 times)
Reply Subj: Re: How to make a realistic, down-to-earth movie about Viking Gods with magic hammers
Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2009 at 08:18:44 pm EDT (Viewed 161 times)

    Still, in the Earth > Asgard approach, I think it would have behooved them to incorporate Don Blake as a vehicle to help move the story along. As a plot device, he works beautifully as a method for Thor to interact w/ humanity a la Clark Kent - thus, his absence is somewhat baffling when they say they want to spend more time on Earth than on Asgard and is what leads me to wonder exactly how they intend to pull off a secret identity-less god on Earth, unless that Sigurd idea gets put into play.

Ultimate Thor kind of gets around that by having him hang out with his groupies when he's not giving environmental lectures/magic disaster relief/ass-whoopings. " Kind of " means YMMV; however, while full-time celebrity superheroes are part and parcel of contemporary superhero comics now, the movies and cartoons tend to retain secret identities.

Personally I've gotten sick of celebrity superheroes after Matt Fraction and Greg Land showed us the dead end it leads to, but I'd give an Ultimate Thor movie a shot.

    However, when considering using the Ultimate version's plotline for adaptation, I think that approach is begging for failure. For one, I don't see the point in setting up a false 'is he or isn't he' mystery which the audience will either see through or not appreciate, not to mention that w/out the other Ultimates around, it won't give you anything interesting to shoot or for the audience to see.

The lack of the Super-Soldier Backstory would mean that they'd have to drastically change the set-up, but in a world where we've walked on the moon and mapped the human genome, not everyone is going to see Thor and immediately assume " God ", so that thread could be used. Joe Casey toyed with it pretty well in the first Earth's Mightiest Heroes mini, and there he was working in the actual Marvel Universe.

    Ultimate Thor just doesn't have the world, the supporting characters, the storylines, or any of the necessary trappings to build not just a film, but a franchise, that the 616 Thor does, regardless of how gaudy his traditional costume is.

He doesn't have anywhere near the amount of material as his predecessor, but I think UltThor provides a good starting point for how to play the character in a modern setting.

    And while even I'd sub in the Ultimate costume for adaptation purposes, gimme that brick on a stick any day over the wannabe axe. \:\-D

Could we compromise by altering the Ultimate Mjolnir so that both heads are blunt, similar to that of Perun ( the KGB Thor counterpart in the final Ultimates 2 arc )?

    Besides, between the two hammers, the Kirby design is just the far more recognizable version, even outside of comics. And it doesn't really help the case for the axe when even Ultimate Thor is now using the classic hammer design...

I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with there being an Ultimate Thor following the end of Ultimates 2. If there were, I imagine that he'd at least use a different hammer than the classic one, so that he wouldn't just be a watered-down version of his predecessor. Similarly, I'd expect that Iron Man would not start using the exact same color scheme of the Classic version, nor would the Scarlet Witch once again dress like a 14-year-old's conception of a gypsy woman. After all, those would confirm that the unique aspects of the Ultimates would have been excised, leaving us with nothing more than potty-mouthed Xeroxes of the Avengers. But certainly the Ultimate line would never end up like that, yes?

( Wow, that was a lot of sarcasm, even for me ) \:P

    So my solution? Go ahead and use the Hitch costume. But keep the Kirby hammer, ignore Millar, and just mine all those beautiful stories Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Walt Simonson gave us.

A straightforward adaptation of a Lee/Kirby or Simonson story would be ideal, but just wouldn't happen. Already the change of mediums means a change of storytelling rules, and that gets even more pronounced when you're doing a movie with a 100M budget, and are expected to turn a profit.

Plus, I think part of the fun of adaptation is the way things can change, so while it would never be a replication of the classic material, it could offer something unexpected. They couldn't do a straight UltThor any more than they could do a straight Lee/Kirby Thor or a straight Simonson Thor, but distilling all the good parts and eliminating the weaker aspects of the character's history is something worth shooting for.

    I like the Blum idea for Loki. Likewise Perlman as Thor. I almost think I'd rather John Rhys-Davies for Odin, though. And I can really hear Maria Canals as Sif. Or maybe Brunhilde the Valkyrie.

I absolutely love voice-casting comic characters, and have extensive lists of possible candidates for my own comics, so here's what I've come up with for Thor ( and good pick with Maria Canals as Sif );

BALDER: Wil Wheaton's managed to move past his infamy for Wesley Crusher with a variety of animated roles playing young(ish, in Balder's case ), good-tempered male heroes; he might do well here.

WARRIORS THREE: Fandral could be Mandy Patinkin, a.k.a. Inigo Montoya. Volstagg could either be another Jon DiMaggio role ( though I already " used " him on Hercules ), or could be done by David Lodge, a.k.a. Jiriya from Naruto. And while I haven't seen the Thor segment in Hulk Vs., their casting of Paul Dobson seems perfect for Hogun.

AMORA: Another VA from Hulk Vs. is my first choice; Kari Wahlgren, whose vocal versatility could handle the Enchantress' complexities.

SKURGE: Kirk Thornton is well-known for his grizzled voices, so playing Skurge like Kisame from Naruto would work.

ARES: Terrence C. Carson's voice as Kratos in the God of War video games redefined the Spartan heroic sociopath ( there was an Ares in the first game by Steve Blum, but as the straight villain ).

HELA: Grey DeLisle ( Azula from Avatar, Mandy from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Many, the Baroness in the G.I. JOE Resolute web-toon, amongst others ) has seemingly redefined the evil bit-ka for countless generations of Western Animation

SURTUR: Kevin Michael Richardson did the same basic thing as Trigon in the Teen Titans cartoon, and has done really deep evil voices elsewhere on many an occasion, so yeah.

Any other characters/series to cast?

( By the way, Jase, have you managed to read Ch. 8 of my comic yet? )

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