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Subj: Re: time for some tears
Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 at 05:14:43 pm EDT (Viewed 77 times)
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    Andy was a great guy, got to chat with him on some boards. Knows his stuff well, it was a shame he moved off of the cosmic stuff, but the writters are important too. Keith Giffen got the characters he was working with.

Well I could go and on about all the great things great about Annihilation, and the Keith Griffen was one of them. I was only saying that the editor was the most important part. It was his idea that he "forced" Marvel to do.

    I could sort of agree, but Bendis really is not a great writer. I think DnA is very good. Just the cosmic events like Conquest and War of Kings are not universe shattering events at their core so not going to be as interesting to some folks.

How are they not universe shattering? All three stories are about the same thing, two forces battling each other on a cosmic scale.

If anything, I could see how more people would be hyped for War of Kings. It's a story of several semipopular ideas, like Vulcan/Starjammers, the Inhumans, and another cosmic event.

War of Kings hasn't had any effect on the other cosmic titles.

    And here I disagree with you alot. Nova and GotG are exceptional titles. In terms of art, story, overall driving force and interest they are exceptional. Numerous reviewers accross the webs have said the same thing that they are among the best comics out there right now. The sales numbers are not often indicative of the quality of a book either. You can always bet that Spider-man or X-men will be at the top even if the stories happening are terrible. The current Hulk series is terrible but it always sells well, does that mean its a better innate book? I dont think so.

It means that more people are buying those other stories, which is really the only objective that really matters. Everything else, like what people say on the internet, is subjective.

    I think you should read the book, andgive it a chance.

What makes you think that I don't read the books I'm criticizing? Because I don't think they are great? Is your first assumption that anyone who doesn't think these books are great hasn't been reading them?


      These books are simply "good" reads, but aren't great.

    Point me something that Marvel is making that is better than Nova? Other titles tend to be dull. As much as I adore the Avengers those titles have been on downward spirals and need major events to drive them to any real success it seems.

Assuming you are asking my personal opinion, I would place lots of books above it. I'd put all 3 Avengers titles, Thor, Iron Man, Cap, Weapon X, Wolverine, Uncanny, X-Force, pretty much all the Marvel titles that sell better than those stories do. Of course, I could add more non Marvel titles here as well.

As a person who isn't a big cosmic fan if these books are their favorite titles, and I bet many won't say that. A big cosmic fan saying he loves these books isn't that important, since he will probably love any cosmic title.

Again, I'm not saying that these cosmic books are bad, I just think they are good, and not great. I'd give them a C+ or a B-.

These books simply have too many problems with them to be great. GotG needs a smaller cast, less subplots, needs to get rid of the interview narration idea, needs better stories and villains, etc. Nova needs a supporting cast (love interest?, compatriot?), needs better stories and villains, etc.

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