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Subj: Re: time for some tears
Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 at 08:42:30 pm CDT (Viewed 77 times)
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    Again, I'm not saying that these cosmic books are bad, I just think they are good, and not great. I'd give them a C+ or a B-.

    These books simply have too many problems with them to be great. GotG needs a smaller cast, less subplots, needs to get rid of the interview narration idea, needs better stories and villains, etc. Nova needs a supporting cast (love interest?, compatriot?), needs better stories and villains, etc.

Not saying it to be confrontational, just honestly asking. Would you rate books like Hulk or New Avengers any higher? The cast in the Avengers books is not any less cumbersome, and Hulk.. that's a book that's been around how long with a single unanswered question (who is he?) and plot devices so insane they're cartoonish. They sell more, but do you really see them as a higher 'grade' of book?

People like what they like, nothing is wrong, just wondering if folks really find the big sales books to be all that good because I find them very lacking compared to things like Guardians or Nova.

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