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Subj: Re: time for some tears
Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 at 10:04:21 pm CDT (Viewed 68 times)
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Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 at 08:42:30 pm CDT (Viewed 78 times)

    Not saying it to be confrontational, just honestly asking. Would you rate books like Hulk or New Avengers any higher? The cast in the Avengers books is not any less cumbersome, and Hulk.. that's a book that's been around how long with a single unanswered question (who is he?) and plot devices so insane they're cartoonish. They sell more, but do you really see them as a higher 'grade' of book?

I would give New Avengers an A, and Hulk a B.

Red Hulk:

- Fun, where characters do things like smack the Watcher. It's enjoying.
- Great art, with guys like McG, Cho, and Adams.
- Great story ideas, like the Offenders vs the Defenders, Marvel's version of the Trinity, the Lady Liberators, etc.

New Avengers
- Great interaction with the main characters
- Characters that I love such as Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Fist, Clint, etc.
- Great story ideas, such as the team searching for the SS, fighting Elektra and the Hand in Japan, fighting the Hood, etc.
- Great use of continuity and connecting with the MU, like Brother Voodoo searching Strange's house the team, using little used characters like Echo, Sentry, and the Hood, Hellstorm trying to talk to his ex-wife.
- Great art, with guys like Tan, Bachalo, Yu, Finch, Immomen.

I don't care about Red Hulk's identity. It's only been 12 issues, so that's not too long. I can stick with Lost for years, I can stick with Red Hulk for a few more issues.

I disagree about GotG's cast, it is too cumbersome while NA is not. Let's name the cast of GotG: StarLord, Starhawk, Cosmo, Rocket Raccoon, Bug, Gamora, Drax, Jack Flag, Phylla, Groot, Major Victory, Warlock, Mantis, Moon Dragon? Plus there is speculation that the Starjammers might be joining up with them? Of course there are problems when you have a huge cast. You can only focus on so many subplots at a time, and there are too many subplots going on. I can only care about so many characters, and Jack Flag isn't going to make that cut.

The solution: tie up some subplots and get those characters out of there. Get rid of Major Victory and Starhawk and their stories, the book doesn't have time for them. Even NA gave us resolutions to their characters and put them out of the door.

While I would probably trim down NA's cast somewhat, most of their members don't require time for their own subplots running around. NA is team book so it tells team stories. GotG is a team book with too many side stories. Just make a list of how many subplots/side stories you can come up with for GotG.

    People like what they like, nothing is wrong, just wondering if folks really find the big sales books to be all that good because I find them very lacking compared to things like Guardians or Nova.

I think in GENERAL, there is a strong correlation between sales and quality. A Honda Accord is a great car, and it sales well. Dark Knight was good movie and it had high ticket sales. You'll probably find more success in getting the average person to enjoy New Avengers than Nova.

Here, I think you'll find that the only people who think that GotG and Nova are "great" books is if they are a fan of cosmic titles. I don't think the average reader thinks those books are great. I don't think a high percentage of people that read Nova also read Captain America.

Even in comics this is generally true, but there are some things to consider. Bad comics will lose sales, good comics will gain sales. You also have to consider total sales and not just monthly, so a series might have huge sales in collections (like Fables). Lots of other stuff as well.

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