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Subj: Cartoon Voice-Casting Call 3: Dicing and Slicing With Repulsor Rays
Posted: Sat Jun 13, 2009 at 05:06:33 pm EDT (Viewed 102 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Cartoon Voice-Casting Call 2: Avengers Assemble!
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    I haven't read enough of the San Francisco X-Men to really judge it, but I think Grant Morrison was on the right track when he started exploring the concept as less oppressed minority and more emerging sub-culture, overall. Armed to the teeth w/ Shi'ar tech, and having probably the largest most organized base of mutants in the world post-Genosha, I don't think the New X-Men really had to worry about their identities being public. Heck, the founding X-Men at least have had their identities public way before that, and most of the major X-Men don't have any ties outside of the mutant populace anymore.

I'll say this; Matt Fraction is writing the kinds of stories that Greg Land was born to draw. That's all you need to know.

    I agree. Thor tends towards the more fantastical side of the Marvel Universe, and they really haven't attempted anything like it in film yet. It's Lord of the Rings meets Superman, basically.

Well, Star Wars took off despite having no ties whatsoever to Earth, and showing a science fiction setting that didn't even pretend to be scientific in nature, so anything's possible.

    I actually like Madureira's art style, and that was the main incentive for me before a lot of Loeb's creative decisions started to kick in, like the (IMO, terrible) move of the Pietro/Wanda incest subtext to full, blown out, in your face, 'what, your not hip to it?' text.

The coloring by Christian Lichtner was XBox-style " brown-shading " that completely ruined any way the art might have worked. I'm not the biggest Joe Mad fan ( I can see a lot in his work to like, but his anatomical structures are very similar to those of Rob Liefeld ), but had he received proper coloring, the book would have been worth it for the visuals alone ( much like Red Hulk ).

    Sure, you can draw a picture of Spider-Man swinging over the city and make it look pretty, but it doesn't really tell me anything I don't already know. Worse offenders that immediately come to mind are the New X-Men #148 and New Avengers #3 covers that featured the Beast and Sentry respectively, despite neither of those characters not having anything to do w/ the stories contained in those issues. In NXM, Beast didn't even appear in the issue.

The best covers are those which have a simple, iconic issue that conveys some story information, even if just by design. John Cassaday may have fallen into that poster-art school of covers with Astonishing X-Men, but at least he picked really striking images instead of stock poses ( my favorite was the one with Hank's blue cat paw holding a framed photo of human Beast ).

    Iron Patriot(Norman Osborn): Either Ian Buchanan(Ultra-Humanite) or Jeffrey Combs(Scarecrow, Question)

The guy who does his voice on the current Spectacular Spidey cartoon is very good, but either would work ( even if I had a weird image of the Goblin rambling about Agelets and their true, sinister purpose )

    Ms. Marvel(Moonstone): Tara Platt(Naruto - Temari)

Good choice, even if Temari mellowed out greatly, something that never stuck for Karla.

    Ares: Terrence C. Carson
    Sentry: George Newbern

    - Why mess w/ what works?

Thanks \:\)

    Captain Marvel(Noh-Varr): Michael Lindsay(Bleach - Urahara, Scryed - Mujo)

No familiarity with Noh-Varr beyond his few appearances in Dark Avengers, but Urahara could work.

    Hawkeye(Bullseye): Michael Rosenbaum(Flash, Deadshot)

Brilliant, just brilliant!

    Spider-Man(Venom): Robert Englund(Felix Faust, Riddler, Vulture)

Englund could certainly do the job, but those voices are for cultured, intelligent characters, something I'd never associate with Mac Gargan even before his desire for brains.

    Wolverine(Daken): Dan Woren(Bleach - Byakuya)

My pick was Dante Basco from Avatar, as while Prince Zuko is a better character than Daken ever will be, both have daddy issues stamped across their faces ( literally in Zuko's case ). Haven't seen enough of Bleach to recognize that reference.

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