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Subj: Because I don't get to say this often enough...
Posted: Sat Jun 20, 2009 at 12:08:40 am EDT (Viewed 138 times)
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I think you're absolutely right on this stuff, and it's a trenchant analysis which everyone at these boards with an interest in Marvel comics ought to read.

    Yeah, we are seeing a rehash of the 90s playing out. Next Wednesday, Marvel has 33 titles coming out? That's too much.

    But we are seeing the flooding of the market, too many variants, reliance on events for sales, etc.

    This time, we also have a single company (Marvel) with a huge percentage of the sales, no strong third company to compete, a bad economy, a dwindling consumer base, no new readers, high prices, and a great reduction of LCSs.

    I'd wager that the traditional system (direct market + floppies) has about 5 semi-good years left. One of the biggest factors is the % of stories closing each year, I think I read 20% of stores close each year. And those stores aren't being replaced by new ones.

    Of course stories will still be told, but it will be by TPBs, mail distribution (like DCBS), or digital comics. I'd probably put my money on a second tier company like Boom studios to go online (the right way) first, and use something like Amazon Marketplace to sell their comics.

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