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Subj: Dark Providence
Posted: Sat Jun 20, 2009 at 05:21:14 pm EDT (Viewed 124 times)
Reply Subj: Villains who could be benefitting from Dark Reign. Feel free to add your own.
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Abomination (Emil Blonsky)
What he'd be: Well, he'd be Norman's Hulk analogue, just as Norman's made his own Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hawkeye, and Ms. Marvel out of other villains.
The Spin: So far as I can tell, nearly all of Blonsky's activities after his transformation involved his attacking the Hulk, and on several of those occasions he was actually deployed by the U.S. military under "Thunderbolt" Ross's orders. In any case, it seems unlikely that the current climate of the MU would treat attacking the Hulk as a major and unforgivable crime. His one serious act of public villainy involved controversial police orders to clear the homeless out of the sewers; even in that story, one officer quite the force in disgust at his commanding officer and media coverage of the event was mixed. All of this could easily be spun away. In addition, the Leader won a court case in Dan Slott's She-Hulk series that essentially opens the gates for gamma mutates to walk away from their crimes in general.
Benefit to Osborn: Norman gets a near-Hulk strongman on his side, plus he can send the Abomination out after Rulk or the original version without worrying about risking his own team. Chasing down the Hulk should be especially popular with the SI-related paranoia, once the public is reminded that the Hulk led an earlier alien invasion; Norman gets to solidify both the public paranoia and "ruthless badass" credentials he's already using to maintain his position.

Erik Killmonger
What he'd be: Osborn's way of keeping T'Challa, a former Avenger, out of the game (not to mention Norman's freaky-deaky hair). In addition, if he gets Wakanda, Norman could obtain Vibranium and Wakandan technology and claim credit for removing T'Challa -- who the American government and public have serious issues with in his last two ongoing series -- as well as make all sorts of "War on Terror" hay out of the deal.
The Spin: Killmonger actually has a legitimate claim to head the Panther Cult in Wakanda, a claim even T'Challa acknowledges; T'Challa's retention of the position could not only be used to make Erik look like the victim, but also to paint T'Challa as a dictator circumventing his own country's legal processes and culture. Since T'Challa has been unpopular with America for two ongoing series and counting, Osborn could easily get funding and perhaps international support for Killmonger's next takeover attempt in Wakanda. Killmonger's never committed a crime in the U.S. for which he was convicted, and one of his more recent takeover attempts in Wakanda had him making deals with various corporations, mostly U.S.-based; he's a friend of American interests!
Benefit to Osborn: Most of the benefit is covered above, but we should also recall that T'Challa supported SHRA resisters during and after the Civil War, and is a friend to many of the heroes opposing Norman these days, including Tony Stark, Luke Cage, and the Fantastic Four. By giving T'Challa a revolution in his own country to deal with, Norman closes a safe haven those heroes could flee to and decreases the likelihood of T'Challa helping them oust him.

Silver Dagger (Isaiah Curwin)
What he'd be: Norman's anti-supernatural agent, one who'd especially love to kill Doctor Strange.
The Spin: Silver Dagger is effectively unknown to the general population of the world, and what there is of his public record would play very well: a former member of the College of Cardinals and potential Pope who turned his back on that office in order to chase down pagans, creatures of the night, and magic-users. Tell religiously-inclined Americans who he is what he wants to do, and he'd be a hit without any lying needed!
Benefit to Norman: Countering Strange is the big one, as is shoring up credentials with what a guy like Norman doubtless thinks of as "flyover country," but after the Dark Avengers' encounter with Morgaine Le Fay, Norman also has sound tactical reasons to recruit a mystic. Unlike most other candidates in the MU's mystical community, Dagger owes no allegiances to extradimensional monsters or active mystical principalities, distinguishing him from Baron Mordo (Dormammu), Satana or Daimon Hellstrom (themselves and/or Satan), Marie LeVeau (the Loa), Stygyro (In-Betweener), etc. As long as Norman doesn't let Curwin know he's dealing with Doctor Doom, Loki, and the Hood, he's all good.

I thought that something Norman Osborn might do is, like Cable before him but without the noble intentions, set up a sovereign island state where the greatest minds in the world have a safe place with an unlimited budget to invent new machines and sciences. He would recruit mad scientists and allow them a space to build-- but unlike Cable, he would keep it a secret. Norman's rules would be that if you go to his island, you have unlimited freedom to invent, but all the inventions end up in Norman's hands.

The kind of person who would agree to this would be the mad scientist with no concerns but science itself-- no need for fame or fortune or even credit, just the chance to create without being impeded by the law. Keeping with the cross-pollination of different Marvel sub-lines, it'd give the different mad scientists access to new areas of research-- think of a Mr. Sinister who gets new genetic strains beyond the X-Factor to play with, a Sinister who gets to play with Kree and Asgardian genes. Also think that they could go even deeper into their own fields-- the Mandarin getting a chance to go into space and get even more Malukkian apparel. And worst of all, an endless supply of human subjects for testing-- Norman could just kidnap people from a large base of third-world countries and ship them there.

The best part is that this is the kind of thing Norman would be interested in, but also the kind of thing he couldn't control.

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