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Subj: Re: Are all the second prinntings necessary?
Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 at 12:02:09 am EDT (Viewed 45 times)
Reply Subj: Are all the second prinntings necessary?
Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2009 at 06:32:44 pm EDT (Viewed 13 times)

    I live in NYC and I never have any problem getting the first printing of a book as soon as it comes out, but when I check each week they have 2nd printings of books that have low sales and low print runs to begin with which means they probably have low orders from retailers. Many of these books get canceled quickly too. For example, is there really a lot of demand for the Nick Fury book that second printings are needed of issues other than #1?

    I realize that I may have answered my own question with low print runs but making a reprint of a book costs Marvel money and they must have a minimum for a reprint.

    I can understand second printings on issues that catch fans unaware such as the Obama issue and Captain America 600 etc. but others? With retailers ordering well in advance and via the Internet now can't Marvel figure it out almost to a tee what they need. I also think most of their regular customers have pull lists and are savvy about what's coming out in advance and request it further simplifying the retailer's orders.

    All these reprints don't seem necessary (at least from my observations of the market in NYC.)

Only when it's a complete sell-out, like the Obama Spidey issues.
Other than that, I don't see the reason. It's brought back the trend of variants in recent years. And those were a big waste of money.
And since all Marvel does it write for the trade, it's redundent.
That was one of the few things I liked in beginning of the Jemas/Quesada era -- no second printings. It drove the price of the Ultimate Spider-Man #1 thru the roof and generated so much interest because it was there was a finite amount of copies and a finite amount of time it'd be on the shelf. If you're a fan and paying customer, you go for gusto and make sure you get that issue, thus ensuring that the comic shop will order enough.

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