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Subj: assuming you mean titles
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Reply Subj: character or team you'd like to bring back
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I am not sure if this would work or if it'd be all typos. I downloaded the newest IE version and everything here is too tiny to read.

This box is postage stamp sized to me.

But here it is, what character or team would you bring back and how would you bring them back?

I'd bring back New Warriors using the team in Avengers the Initiative as well as the mysterious return of a few old members and a few new joining.

I would start with the survivors (justice, ultra girl, slapstick, debrii, rage, darnell thrasher). finding a "new crash pad" This crashpad was a well stocked resistence safehouse used during the civil war which has later became an unofficial neutral ground between pro and anti reg heros where they can crash if needed.

Among the heros here (who would be NW reserves) would be Gibbon and Jolt (who is slowllosing her energy form and returning to her original powers) and silouette.

To add to the confusion the original night thrasher (dwaybne), speedball (not penance or monkey), an both return.

Nova also stops by but only as a reserve as he is mainly A space hero now.

But a remaining mystery abounds about why they returned, and who the new speedball is, through this these NW get funding from atlantis who wants them to find namorita.
Bickering starts between the two thrashes but a threat happens to unite them, perhaps one of the most inept new warriors ever returns as one of the greatests threats they'd ever face. Microbe returns as a entity spawned from bacteria. You see their are more bacterial cells in your body than human ones and his dying wish was to will him to live. Bacteria can trade genes among themselves and started absorbing his genes to build a new microbe, seeing the horros of experiencing his body decaying and hearing everyone hate the new warriors lead microbe to shed his nice gtuy holding back and to start absorbing the worst germs ever into his bacterial body. he now thinks the only hope for life on earth is to wipe out eukaryotes and have life reevolve from bacteria. No longer is he helpless against foes, he can command the very ecoli in your guts to kill you.

Their is another villain too, one in the background manipulatying things. Kang who has taken speedball and thrash out of time from just before the standford blast. Why? to save his own life. When wanda said "no more mutants" at the end of hose of M it removed all futures with mutants except too. Kangs future had mutants in it. This essentially killed kang before he was born except for one thing, kang set up an emergency isolation chamber outside of time for cases like this but he is stuvk here manipulating things subtly until time is fixed, and he is manipulating the new warriors hoping to get them to act in such a way that may fix time... iif only he can find timneslip.... then he'd be ready

I like the idea of New Warriors, but I can't see how they can work as a title. It's hard to make them heroes in training, since that's an idea numerous titles share already. It's also hard to make them a full on superhero title. There's just nothing unique about them to justify a title. It's sort of the same problem with the Titans and the original New Mutants team/titles.

I like Generation X, but I don't think they can work as a title, though I do advocate those character returning.

My choices:

She-Hulk. Slott had the right take on the character. PAD's take was wrong. Keep the humor angle, and maybe focus the book at female fans.

Midnight Sons. Throw together all the monster/magic characters and put them in a team book. Werewolf by Night, Morbius, Blade, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Strange, Voodoo, Gargoyle, Hellcat, Hellstorm, and so on. Strength in numbers in terms of sales. I'd be much more likely to try out this book instead of individual titles for various characters like MK, GR, Blade, etc. I'd call the team THE DEFENDERS instead, it's a better name.

Heroes for Hire. Format of the 90s series, with Iron Fist and Luke Cage, surrounded by other B-list heroes.

MCP. Change the format so we get 4 issues or so of the same character, instead of the 4 serialized stories per issue format.