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Subj: Good idea, bad execution
Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2009 at 09:59:57 pm EDT (Viewed 122 times)
Reply Subj: Still hating the SHRA?
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    Another confusion is Norman going after Tony because he is erasing all evidence of the names of Registered Superhumans. Why? They should still be apart of the established SHRA system and if lost just have everyone verify their original info supported.

Registered Superhumans may not want to give their information (whereabouts, secret identity) to Hammer/Osborn now, but would have been willing to give it to Stark. Stark currently has a lot of vital information in his head, information that Osborn doesn't have access to. I don't think replacing that information is easy to do.

    Norman has been almost magically been able to locate intel on many character most likely courtesy his Director privleges but cant even see that Ant-man registered under an alias? The system is still flawed by their POV too. Obviously there has been lots of evidence of a messy transition from SHIELD TO HAMMER security in many stories. Makes for storylines but shows that not enough attention has been focussed on the National Security which was the whole point in the shift in atmosphere since Civil War.

Osborn would still have information about characters that SHIELD had, just not all the information from the SHRA.

    Now, criminals like Hood and his S.O.C. are in the Initiative. Sure, Norman mustve pulled strings but there should be instory pardons or footnotes shown. The public cant be

It's a complex situation. The Hood doesn't have a criminal record, and it's publicly known (just rumors of his existence). The same goes for many other villains. Osborn stated that the villains would be registered and even placed on Initiative teams. But I assume that those villains with minor criminal acts would be pardoned/parolled, and those that are serious criminals be given new identities (like Bullseye). We've yet to see this situation play out.

    Other sources of confusion include: 42, pre-HAMMER TBolts vs post-HAMMER Tbolts mission statements, origins of The Order, Pointer, Blue Marvel, Urich having such a hard time finding enough evidence of Act violations to run a story, untouchability for anyone standing on a Reservation (or Asgard), the mutants free ride, etc.

Not sure where the confusion comes from some of these. The SHRA is a US government act, while Indian reservations have limited national sovereignty, and aren't subject to all US laws. Mutants were excused under the act original provisions of the SHRA, and were instead registered separately under the Mutant Registration Act. I don't think we fully know what the MRA is.

    Anyways, that Cap panel got the pet peeve pumping and felt like typing/rambling. Curious if readers (still?) have problems with the SHRA as is. Thoughts?

The SHRA is a great idea for the comics, becoming a springboard not just for stories, but for entire titles (like the Initiative). The idea of having registered teams across the US is also a great idea. From a logical/realistic perspective, things like making the heroes accountable for their actions and training new heroes just makes sense.

But the execution of the idea needs alot of work. One huge problem is the inconsistencies in the titles over what the act does. Mandatory registration isn't a good idea for the comics, but there should be a clear benefit for being registered (training, salary, resources).