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Subj: Re: When was Gravity outed?
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      I agree that their is a problem with Fraction's current storyline, he simply needs to explain what that information is that Tony is trying to destroy. And why Osborn isn't able to rediscover that information."


        It seems fairly obvious to me: Tony has deleted ALL records the federal government has on the SHRA database. The ONLY copy of it still in existence is in Stark's own memory.

Plus a random selection of Agents who took the info as in Ant-man #9 from the pic avobe IIRC. And recruits' assigned shrinks most likely as evidenced in MK arc mentioned.

    While Norman could rediscover that information by reassembling the database, it's a safe bet that many of the heroes on it would refuse to participate. Norman's apparently not legally allowed to know any of the information on a hero's secret ID without a warrant... his attempt to hack the database was what released Tony's purging virus, which destroyed all the government's records on the SHRA. Basically, it's got Norman starting over again from scratch.

    But the problem with here is that there aren't many (if any) members of the Initiative (or heroes who are registered) with a secret ID.

Well a Devils Advocate argument miiight be that its a plot point the Initiative are encouraged to not reveal their IDs to each other but many a story seems lax in this practice.

    What is preventing Osborn from going to the various teams, and asking each member that does have a secret ID, what their real name is? Obviously they don't have much of a problem with Osborn so that they are still members of the Initiative.

AGREED! Or just delegate. Wasnt there a Front Line ish, or somesuch this past year, that had a character going to an always packed Registration Centre or something just full of a slew of incognito superhuman claimants everyday.

    Take someone like Gravity. He is still registered and still part of the Initiative. And his identity is publicly known.

When was he outed?

    So is this really a problem for Osborn? I don't see how. I don't see how anyone that is part of the Initiative is going to refuse to re-give that information to Osborn. He would just put them in jail.

Reminds of the flaws of 42, but agreed here too.

    Who is going to refuse? Characters that previously registered, with a secret ID, and aren't part of the Initiative? Who are they? How many of them exist? Osborn obviously has the resources to hunt them down, so why doesn't he just do that?

Yeah, OTTOMH theres only Blue Shield (since BND is 616 now). There MUST be others he has to track down. We shall see if his TBolts and HAMMER goons are more successful than the CapeKillers...

Plus to add a compliment to Marvel they have finally begun to address the Pointer pet peeve posted above, 4 days ago, this very week in Uncanny 513. Good for them!

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