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Subj: Re: how would YOU end the DARK REIGN?
Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2009 at 11:08:15 pm EDT (Viewed 162 times)
Reply Subj: how would YOU end the DARK REIGN?
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DR will end in a few monthes but how?
who can stop norman?

CAP back to life organize a group consisting of the invaders, fury an spidey to confront osborn
it will seem to fail but somthing will happen to expose norman and send hi away replacing him with... D man! (well not realy but it will provably be with a good guy.

the sun will rise and the heroes rejoice until a new bad thing happen.

HOW would YOU do it?

It does seem that Cap, Iron Man, and Thor will be together again.

I think it will begin with Cap being revealed that he's back, but Norman discredits this saying that the New Avengers are behind this and even uses the sightings of the 50's Cap to prove this.

Using an underground S.H.I.E.L.D. Base that was used during Civil War that H.A.M.M.E.R. knows nothing about, Cap manages to gather the Avengers teams, X-Men, and anyone else they could get to have a meeting to discuss on what they need to do. Some don't know whether they can trust Iron Man and one says that this “Dark Reign” is pretty much his creation since it isn't just his armor that Norman copied, but his methods which he went a step further with. That Norman simply took over. Cap tells them they don't have time for this and tells them and each of them have a part in this and reminds then that the reason Norman got this far is because he's a genius when it comes to strategy, manipulation, and thinking ahead. Since both the super-soldier serum and the Goblin formula increases intelligence, this will be a match between two extraordinary strategists who know the other will be after the other, and vise-versa, while Norman side has already started to crumble and the Green Goblin's voice has gotten louder inside Norman's head because of the stress that Norman has been feeling while “maintaining” the power he has gain and Namor notices this and remembers what Doom said about his “nature”.

Nick Fury, as well as the Howling Commandos and Secret Warriors, do their part to cripple H.A.M.M.E.R's strong points, while what Thunderbolt is with Black Widow 2 do their part in the purpose of weakening Norman's strong hold to the country, while the New Warriors, Young Avengers, and some X-Men cadets does the same to Camp H.A.M.M.E.R. to cut off Norman's access to super-powered cadets which they get some help from Diamondback and Trauma, while Taskmaster sees this as a good time to leave since he pretty much expected this to happen. Daredevil, Moon Knight, Rogue, Gambit, X-Factor, and O.N.E. take on the Hood and his syndicate.

To use the advantage of surprise, Cap has the New Avengers take on the Dark X-Men, while the X-Men take on the Dark Avengers, without Sentry and Captain Marvel, while making the Dark teams think that they'll be facing the other to get them off balance. Namor and Emma decide it's time to betray Norman which helps the New Avengers, as well as Cloak and Dagger who were being blackmailed since Dagger has a mother, while the “Thunderbolts” decide that it's time to leave and end this masquerade, while leaving Ares alone to fight the X-Men which leaves him enraged.

Cap, Thor, Iron Man, the Mighty Avengers, and three of the Fantastic Four head for Avengers Tower, while Mister Fantastic uses some equipment to make the security of the place useless to give them easy access. Norman manages to get Sentry, The Void, to get in their way and Thor stays behind to take him on. The Mighty Avengers and FF end up facing either the failed experiments of Norman's when he tried to combine the super-soldier serum with the Goblin formula, super-soldiers that he created using Weapon X files if he ever got them, or H.A.M.M.E.R. agents on gliders who have been exposed to the Goblin formula and have very powerful guns that a normal human couldn't handle.

While Cap and Iron Man are heading towards where Norman is, and after failing to contact Loki and Doom who he knows has abandoned him, as well as his forces being spit and defeated, he tells his son Harry, American Son, that it's time to be a man, while Harry speaks back by saying it's time that Norman start practicing what he preaches, because even before the Goblin, Norman has always been more of a leech then a man and then walks away to have his dad face this alone which puts even more stress to Norman while the Green Goblin in his head tells him that he's now all alone. When Cap and Iron Man arrive, they face Iron Patriot and some spider-slayers that he had required to fight them. While this is happening, Winter Soldier sneaks in to destroy the central computer of Avengers Tower that's linked to everything while getting unexpected help from Swordman. Cap and Iron Man manage to take down the spider-slayers, while Iron Man is too damaged to go on, leaving Cap to face Norman who's Armor is just as damage and has to rely on his Goblin formula abilities while still wearing the Iron Patriot helmet. The fight ends with Cap removing the helmet with his shield that reveals that Norman was wearing his Green Goblin mask underneath.

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