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Subj: Re: Uhm, I don't think any of us are guessing seriously; we're just giving how we'd do it, and the heck with everyone else.
Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2009 at 04:18:21 pm EDT (Viewed 145 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Uhm, I don't think any of us are guessing seriously; we're just giving how we'd do it, and the heck with everyone else.
Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2009 at 02:51:45 pm EDT (Viewed 147 times)

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    Of most things lately I find most of the fans assumptions or guesses to be much MORE entertaining than the actual outcomes of these 'events'. Because the fans look for a resolution, a story ENDING where as Marvel's newest and greatest plan is to make everything with a beginning, a middle, and a next beginning birthed from that middle \:\)

Many of the fan speculation ideas are fun, but many of them just aren't practical. I really liked the theory that the Sentry was Thor.

I've personally been happy with many of the mystery reveals that Marvel has done. Echo was a good choice for Ronin. Osborn was a good choice for the Iron Patriot. Steve Rodgers coming back (instead of Black Cap). I might have made some changes, but nothing that really sticks out. Nothing I thought was a complete waste.

    The fans look at the stories and try to establish a logical or at least exciting outcome. The error they make is they look at the story in a literary sense where Marvel is looking at the story as a marketing tool only and tries to milk it for every drop they can and then leak it into the next marketing tool. A good short term idea, but eventually the target group will grow weary of never having resolutions and give up on expecting them.

As a business, of course Marvel is going to worry about the financial sense of any move.

But I think the main problem with fan speculation/ideas is that the fans don't actually think about how those ideas are going to be executed. Many fans have speculated that the Big Three are going to get back together and reunite the Avengers teams. So does that mean Marvel is going to get rid of New, Dark, and Mighty Avengers titles to have just one Avengers title? That doesn't make any sense. Then again, there are several fans who think Marvel should cancel New Avengers. There are even fans that fully beleive that John Bryne on Alpha Flight will be a high seller.

Marvel simply has to think about the execution of any idea. No matter what, that "next issue" has to come out. If the Big Three get back together, then what? If Steve Rodgers takes over Hammer, then what?

And of course, Marvel is actually made up of numerous people, from writers, to artists, to editors, etc. What does Brubaker want in response to Rodgers becoming in charge of Shield? What does the Avengers editor want to do with his titles?

While I DO think Marvel's going to do a Big Three Avengers book, I DON'T think that'll lead to anything getting cancelled. I figure Marvel will either launch a FOURTH Avengers title, or will have them take over Pym's team. (New Avengers dealing with street-level crime like the Hood, Mighty dealing with world-beating threats, and the post-Norman Dark Avengers being either an espionage book or remaining a villain title.) Alternately, Dark Avengers might get cancelled and replaced with that book, leaving just 3 titles... I suppose it depends what the market will bear.

For my part, my comments on how I'd end Dark Reign aren't at ALL meant as a guess as to how it really would go down. Just how I'd do it myself.


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