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    Marvel have offered other genres in the past, so this would be a great avenue to bring them back.

I strongly disagree, an anthology is not the way to bring back the various genres. Having an issue that has 8 page stories of war, romance, sci-fi, western, and mystery stories is going to be a failure. It's not going to have a lot of interest.

Does Marvel even want to be bring back those non superhero genres? Probably not. If romance stories were wanted in comics, I'm sure that void would be filled by someone. But they really aren't. At least not at this time, I'm sure when we get digital comics that will change.

    As sure, a Romance fan would solely read this and have nothing else to go to, but the same can be said for a Kamandi fan who reads Wednesday Comics over at DC, so... yeah.

Exactly my point why Kamandi in Wednesday's Comics is a bad idea. Then again, DC doesn't seem to have a goal with the title, and instead just wanted to put it out there. They aren't using it to promote and sell more copies of their titles. They aren't using it to reach new fans.

So if Marvel were to do this, I would want them to promote their current titles and reach new fans.

Well...I can't speak of other comic shops but my local one sold out of Wednesday Comics so the interest sure seems to be there so far for this format. As for your list, your thinking of featuring charecters slated for upcoming movies to bring in readers seems at bit off. The movies themselves to date have been rather sucessful thus far but have they brought in new readers curious about said charecters? I would say no. And if not then why feature these charecters in a format like this to "promote" these upcoming movies to readers that are already bound to see them? Marvel has a vast array of charecters that sit and collect dust. We see enough,if not to much already of most of the charecters listed. Spider-Man has 3 issues a month,Wolverine is all over the Marvel Universe now,Captain America is in his own title and New Avengers,Hulk is going to be in 2 titles a month plus Son of Hulk. I think Marvel missed the boat with their 70 year ann. stuff and this kind of format would have worked well in showcasing charecters spread out all over their 70 tear history. But sadly Marvel is all about $$ these days and not about seluting their long time loyal fans and charecters.