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Subj: Re: Marvel's answer to Wednesday Comics
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    Still though I'm paying Marvel for the previledge to read these tiles. So how is that killing the industry?

You misunderstand my point. IMO, Marvel catering to the long time, older, hardcore fans is hurting them. Every entertainment company is trying to get younger, but not comics. So Marvel has to reach out to a younger audience, it's the only way it will sustain as a company.

But instead, they cater to the interests of long time fans, giving them what they want. Marvel's target audience is the 30-40 year old white male that has been reading comics since they were ten years old. And Marvel continues to cater to that group, seemingly at the expense of other groups. Even the Ultimate line is aimed at that same group.

I can only beg that everyone makes rationally decisions. If you don't like a comic, don't continue buying it. It's the only way Marvel can make decisions.

    What's actually killing the industry is over-pricing comics, producing the same thing over and over again, with multiple variant covers for each issue, and alienating the fans with editorial decisions a majority of fans disagree with.

And who are those fans that continue to buy crappy comics for no other reasons that they want to keep their collections complete? Who bitch about continuity mistakes? Who complain about any artist that doesn't draw like John Bryne, or writer that doesn't write like Stan Lee? Who honestly wish that comics could be like they were in the 70s/80s? Who are the consumers that continue to pay for "over priced" comics? Who are the fans that continue to pay for variants?

Are these fans alienated? Heck no. Look how many people on the X-boards are talking about how Fraction's run is the worst thing ever, and continue to buy it. They come on the internet, cry and moan about how Darkstar is dead, and they continue to buy their comics week after week.

How many of these hardcore fans actually get books outside of Marvel? Very little.

    If Marvel were to produce their own version of Wednesday Comics then they could at least see if the market is there for other genres.

There are other ways to test the market, such as puttting out miniseries of different genres. Marvel has done this in the past, like the War is Hell series, the various Western minis over the years, and so on. They haven't worked because they don't sell. I certainly would encourage Marvel to continue to experiment with expanding their genres, but I can see why they don't care. When it's easier to get people to buy comics (ie digital comics!), I would expect Marvel to expand there. It's going to be a lot easier to get a 25 year old female to buy a digital comic online for $1 then it would be to get her to go to her LCS and pay $4.

Creating an anthology with 8 different genre stories isn't going to be successful.

There are other genres in comics, they just aren't by DC and Marvel, so many fans aren't aware of them. And these genre comics don't sell very well, so why would Marvel do it?

    The first issue of Wednesday Comics has only just come out. Let's give it time to see if DC have failed in this venture.

I have no idea what metrics DC is using to judge whether it's a success. I never called it a failure, or said anything similar. I even said that suspect that it will sell well at least because of the creators involved. I'm very curious to see how the series does in sales.

Well I'll agree with you here; I refuse to pay for any title which is at $3.99 per issue.
I was a long time Hulk, and Thor fan. Now that their books are at this price I won't buy them. I've cut my ties with those titles until their prices reduces (if ever).
But I'm sure there are people who will continue to buy the titles no matter the price, and to them I say "good luck."

I'll also agree that Marvel should try out new (or unused) genres, and see how it fares. An anthology mini-series might be a good idea.
At least try something!

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