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MS. MARVEL #41: Something fishy is going on. Basically, the energy beings turn out to be Ms. Marvel, and she needs the MODOK/Storyteller babies to reform her body. Moonstone finds out and rushes to prevent this from happening, for she likes being Ms. Marvel now and doesn't want to give up her new life. Meanwhile, the New Avengers battle AIM for the other babies that Deadpool stole, while Moonstone encounters Deadpool in a rather amusing sequence. After defeating the loony tune, Moonstone arrives at AIM HQ just in time for Ms. Marvel's reformation at the hands of the babies.

I have to say that Reed writes Spider-Man and Deadpool very well, and his dialogue for them is genuinely amusing.

The artowrk this time around was by Sergio Arina, and while I thought it was very animation like, I enjoyed it at the same time.

I genuinely feel for Karla right now. She likes being Ms. Marvel, moreso than she ever thought she would, and when she witnessed Ms. Marvel's apparent return, I could feel her desperation when she said "Please...." as MM reformed.

Not for a minute do I believe this is Carol Danvers back in action. If it is, her powers are going to have to be redefined. I mean, how did she split into four seperate energy beings of different wavelengths and color? Right now, I still strongly believe that this Carol is the alternate reality Warbird from MS. MARVEL #9-10 (and briefly mentioned again in MM#25). Reed's interviews where he said "all is not what it may seem" are still in the back of my mind. I think it would be a hoot if it turns out the Carol we've been seeing in NEW AVENGERS and now here at the end of #41 is indeed alter-Warbird.

I look forward to the start of WAR OF MARVELS, in just two weeks, too!

MARVEL DIVAS #1: I enjoyed this issue very much, taking it as a sort of "romance comic" kind of thing, ala the old PATSY WALKER comics of days past. I like that Patsy is even the lead character, too. I also liked how the four ladies (Patsy, Felicia, Monica and Angelica) got together in a scene reminiscient of 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN, the speed dating sequence. I wasn't bothered by all the "sex talk" between the ladies, either, like most people. This is what happens whenever you get multiple women together, so why should it be any different if the women are heroines? Women gab, gab, gab. It's a known fact. Puma, Brother Voodoo and Son of Satan are all touched upon as well, setting up their later appearances nicely. While this book didn't have any action, this didn't bother me. I see this book, like I said before, as a PATSY WALKER style comic, and in this regard I thought it was done very well. I can, however, see why lots of people don't like the way Monica is being written nowadays. She certainly isn't the Monica of old, thanks mostly to the behavior modification done to her in NEXTWAVE. I look forward to seeing what happens next, especially to poor Angelica, who has cancer.

INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #15: Just before he kills her, Tony Stark realizes who Pepper is and apologizes heavily for his mistake. As they share a kiss, Whitney Frost spies upon them through the scope of her sniper rifle, and what she sees irks her to no end. She can't believe how far Stark has fallen and wonders if it's due to misplaced love. The next morning, as Stark cuts firewood, Whitney finds Pepper and begins interogating her most cruelly. Stark is horrified when he walks in on them and literally begs Whitney to spare Pepper. However, Whitney won't hear of it. She tells Stark outright that she is going to torture Pepper to death in front of him to make him suffer for what he's done to Whitney in the past. She taunts him, claiming he never loved her, that he never thought she was beautiful, and that he was just using her throughout the time they spent together. Before long, Whitney has Stark on his knees, and then his back, as she takes her trademark golden mask off and commands her to tell her the truth about how he really feels/felt about her. If she is satisfied, then perhaps she will let Pepper go. But he better choose his words carefully, for Whitney is all too willing to murder Pepper to achieve the vengeance she burns to receive.

What an issue. Through Whitney's actions and words, you can see just how much she craves revenge against Stark for the past. She burns to make him suffer, and she's got him right where she wants him. And this is all personal to Whitney, too, as we see her earlier in the issue discard the communication device Norman Osborn gave her to keep him updated. She also tells Stark at one point that she's going murder him and tell Osborn it was an accident, figuring he would give a rat's ass.

At long last, Whitney Frost is back, and I thank Matt Fraction for doing what must be done with her, as opposed to Bendis using her as a generic thug.

Oh, yeah, there was also stuff with the Black Widow and Maria Hill, but I wasn't too interested in that this time around.

Have you been reading Punisher, Attok? Letha & Lascivious (formerly Titania) are stealing the show there and I know you like evil chicks. Letha's always been one of my favorite Grapplers (right up there with Poundcakes), and I absolutely love how she's being depicted as the leader of the Scourge victims.

You should definitely pick it up for the villains!