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Subj: The ULTIMATE "Create Your Own Teams"
Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 at 08:20:36 am EDT (Viewed 92 times)
Reply Subj: The ULTIMATE "Create Your Own Teams" [fun quiz... and yes, teams plural]
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The rules are simple:
1. You can only use a character ONCE. If Wolverine's in Avengers, no putting him in Thunderbolts. [HINT HINT - Marvel... maybe think about that one, you have SO many heroes, why put one on ten different teams?  That could be ten different heroes... and the continuity... BAH!]
2. That is all. \:\)

From the original concept: a team of superheroes gathered together to take on foes no single hero can battle themselves. This team focuses on events in America... East Coast.
Classic Choice/Former Avenger =
Guns/Power Suit =
Outsider/Never Been an Avenger Before =
Powerhouse/In Emergency =
Street Fighter/Human Hero =
Tech Support/Science Guy =

The "anti-heroes". They don't play right, they don't play fair, and they don't take prisoners. The team that villains fear! This team globe trots, smacking down load-mouths through-out the world.
- Extra Rule: All team members MUST have a "classic" Avengers name; Man-killer must become Wasp, Speed Demon must become Quicksilver, Enchantress must become Scarlet Witch etc. :)
- Extra Rule: Also, all members must be "okay" will killing someone (e.g. no saints, only sinners)

Current Dark Avenger =
Guns/Power Suit =
Outsider/Not a current Dark Avengers =
Powerhouse/In Emergency =
Street Fighter/Human Anti-Hero =
Tech Support/Science Guy =

This team will focus SOLELY in space; and they are the last stand against the Kree, the Skrull, the Shi'ar and the kitchen sink. An ability to breath in space would be a plus ;\)
Asgardian/God =
Cosmic Being =
Robotic/Cyborg/Not Human =
Outsider/Never Been in Space Before =
Space Being (Kree, Skrull, Shi'ar etc) =
Someone WAY Out of Their Depth =

The former villains turned heroes, out to solve the mysteries (think X-factor meets Thunderbolts). Redemption is the name of the game. If a villain or hero needs redeeming, here's the place to come. (the more obscure the better).
- Extra Rule: A-listers NOT welcome ;\)
Former Thunderbolt =
Mutant =
Obscure Hero (in need of redemption) =
Obscure Villain (in need of redemption) =
Size Changing =
Tech Support/Power Suit =


The leader of the mutants (all 200 of them). Time to take a stand, and fight the good fight, and follow Xavier's dream of a world where mutants and humans live as one. This team focuses on events in America... West Coast.
- Extra Rule: Non-mutants NOT allowed.
Former Villain =
Flight/Outcast =
Powerhouse/Omega Level =
Science Guy/Healer =
Telepath =
Young One/Idealist =

Screw Xavier's dream, it's Magneto's dream that rules this day. Mutants are the next stage of evolution; and will not stand for being treated as freaks and monsters! Evil rears it's ugly head, the Dark X-men put it down hard, whether it mutants... or human. It's going down!  This team focuses on place "off the beaten track" (aka Hell, other Dimensions, Savage Land - like a 616 based Exile team, but the origin of all the problems stem from Earth).
Classic X-man =
Former Villain =
Multiple Powers =
Powerhouse/Omega Level =
Telepath =
Villain =

The Black Ops mutants (think current Thunderbolts meets X-men). It's a feral eats feral world out-there. And some mutants don't deserve the chance to see who's dream comes through; Xavier's or Magneto's. It's time to take out the trash... permanently...
- Extra Rule: a "ten kills" minimum is required to be on this team
Kills w. a Claw/Fist =
Kills w. a Gun =
Kills w. their powers =
the Healer/the Innocence... not necessarily a killer =
the "Hero"... slipping into Darkness... not necessarily a killer =
the Wild Card/possible traitor/or insane =

Kind of a "behind the scenes" team; that tackles the mystery and hidden side of the Marvel world. Magic, mystical, mythological and time travel. Beware... your brain hurts from the confusing time line/reversing spells/reversing timelines.
Freak/Outcast =
Mystic =
Non-Human =
Powerful Mutant =
Regular Hero/Non-uber power =
Superstrong =

Young X-men. Young Avengers. Runaways. Avengers: the Initiative. You name it; if it's Under 25's, it's welcome (boy does that sound dirty, I'm 24 so it's not "so" wrong if I say it... I guess... ;)) If drama, social life and boys (or girls... whatever) is all your team can think about, you're on the right track.  This team focuses on the drama of living on a small island off Scotland... random!
the Bad Ass =
the Geek =
the "kid" =
the Jock/Cheerleader (aka the "pretty" one) =
the Mutant
the Runaway =

AVENGERS [East Coast]
LEADER: Baron Helmut Zemo
[SUB]: Ronin [Clint Barton]
Human Hero: Mockingbird [Bobbi Morse]
Guns: Hawkeye [Kate Bishop]
Outsider: Songbird [Melissa Gold]
Powerhouse: Thor
      TECH: Beast [Dr. Hank McCoy]
It's the last stage of Zemo's character arc; to lead the team his "arch-nemesis" founded. This wouldn't be a quasi-Dark Avengers; this would be the ultimate force of good in the Marvel universe. Zemo has surrounded himself by people proven to be good and honourable and righteous; to always steer him towards the light. AND Zemo is a great leader, none can deny that. Clint will train Kate Bishop, as a mentor; while dealing with his "damaged" relationship with Bobbi, and yet still staving off possible feelings for Songbird (who deserves to be an Avenger). Zemo not only knows Songbird deserves to be an Avenger, but he also knows she'll take him down if he strays from the right path. Do you think Thor would follow a Zemo-lead Avengers? I'm not sure, I don't think he has a particular grudge against Zemo.
BASE: underneath the ruins of the Avengers Mansion

DARK AVENGERS [World Warriors]
LEADER: Dr. Karla Sofen
[SUB]: Sentry [the Void]
Guns: the Black Widow [Yelena]
Outsider: Quicksilver [James 'Jim' Sanders]
Powerhouse: the Scarlet Witch [Amora the Enchantress]
Street Fighter: Jack of Hearts [Mister X]
      TECH: Beast [Dr. Hank "Dark" McCoy]
Think about it, what is the best thing Karla does... manipulate. And what's the worst case scenario for the Dark Avengers: Karla getting her psychological claws into Sentry, behind Osborn's back. She could pretty much stage an unstoppable coup d'etat. Recently I've been feeling Karla has slipped too far into "darkness"; but yet she's never been a mastermind. This is her chance to prove it. The Dark Avengers is a sweet gig; and if she surrounds herself by people who can be relied upon to be discreet (Hawkeye [Bullseye] is WAY too much of a loose cannon to justify keeping on the Dark Avengers); there is no reason she couldn't be leader; with Sentry as her unstoppable right hand. The greatest danger would come from Dark Beast, who would be Karla to Zemo's Thunderbolts. He would be trying to build his own power-base behind the scenes. This would also make FANTASTIC tension between the Avengers and the Dark Avengers; between Thor and Amora, Beast and Dark Beast and obviously, Karla and Clint, and Zemo and Songbird. I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!
BASE: the Avenger's Tower

LEADER: Nova [Richard Rider]
[SUB]: Martyr [Phyla-Vell]
God: Ares
Cosmic Being: Quasar [Wendell Vaughn]
Robotic: Douglock
Outsider: the Invisible Woman [Sue Richards]
Someone WAY Out of Their Depth: Pixie [Meggan Gwynn]
I know little about the Guardian of the Galaxy as a team; but I think this team would be a pretty powerful group of people; covering all areas of war that the Shi'ar, or Kree or Skrull could throw at them.
BASE: ruins of the Inhuman City on the moon

THUNDERBOLTS [Mystery Solvers]
LEADER: the Swordsman [Andreas von Strucker]
[SUB]: Skein [Sybil Dvorak]
Mutant: Decibel [Jono Starsmore]
Obscure Hero: Thundra
Obscure Villain: Quicksand
Size Changing: Ant Man [Erik O'Grady]
      TECH: Omega Sentinel [Karima Shapandar]
Andreas got screwed in Thunderbolts. Of any other Thunderbolt I can think of he deserved to have a shot at redemption, and got screwed because Osborn took over. He needed someone to guide him, not re-enforce his bad habits. But being a Strucker, he's a leader born; and can act as financial benefactor for the team (like his father once did). Skein would be an interesting love interest for him; and she also deserves to be "more than" what she is. Decibel makes the PERFECT "Songbird" of the team; and Thundra a perfect Atlas. And I think while Erik will lust over the buxom Skein and Thundra; I feel he could actually build a really sweet bond with Omega Sentinel. As Thunderbolts they will be questing for redemption; while solving "mysteries" in the world (basically X-factor meets film noir).
BASE: someone in Bruges ;\)

X-MEN [America West Coast]
LEADER: Jean Grey
[SUB]: Multiple Man [Jamie Maddrox]
Former Villain: Mimic [Calvin Montgomery Rankin]
Flight: Northstar [Jean-Paul Beaubier]
Omega Level: Elixir [Joshua Foley]
Young One: Dust [Sooraya Qadir]
      SCIENCE: Cecilia Reyes
In case you're wondering, Jamie is the "telepath" X-man, since that's the link he shares between his dupes. Scott and Emma have strayed too far from Xavier's vision; and Xavier himself has compromised too much of his moral integrity to lead. The only person left who would still believe in peace between mutants and humans is his star pupil: Jean Grey. a) she and Jamie would make a perfect couple; clearing her away from Scott b) if Mimic has the other "original" X-men's powers, it harks back to the "good old days" and c) other than Mimic, the team is filled with some of the purest X-men; who would fight and give their lives for peace. And Northstar could date a "dupe" of Jamie's ;\)
BASE: San Francisco's School for Gifted Youngsters

DARK X-MEN [Dimension Jumpers]
LEADER: Emma Frost
[SUB]: M [Monet St. Croix]
Classic X-man: Archangel [Warren Worthington III]
Former Villain: Quicksilver [Pietro Maximoff]
Powerhouse: Hellion [Julian Keller]
Telepath: Psylocke [Betsy Braddock]
Villain: Wolverine [Daken]
Come on, who doesn't love the idea that Emma and Jean would be team rivals? This isn't a "villains" team, like the Dark Avengers; this is a team that fights to save mutants; putting mutant lives ahead of human ones. This is not about peace, it's about survival, at all costs. Hellion and M would both be loyal to Emma; over Jean. Quicksilver would take any chance to redeem; and Psylocke is an experienced dimension and reality jumper. Her and Daken could occasionally go on "ninja" quests. The answer to M-Day lies somewhere not in the 616 universe, and the Dark X-men will find it. Also Emma and Scott would still be together; just tackling the same issue from different angels... which brings us to...
BASE: somewhere "between" dimensions

X-FORCE [Black Ops]
LEADER: Cyclops [Scott Summers]
[SUB]: Cable [Nathan Dayspring]
Kills w. a Claw: Wolverine [Logan]
Kills w. their powers: Gambit [Remy leBeau]
the "Hero": Blink [Clarice Ferguson]
the Wild Card: Deadpool [Wade Wilson]
the Healer: Madelyn Prior
Oh yes, I went there. This is a perfect team, if you think about it. Scott learning the tactics of war from his dad; while giving a second chance to his beaten upon ex-wife. Cable and Deadpool are destined to be buddies on the same team; and Blink makes a great "vanisher". All these people are skilled at subterfuge and black ops tactics. Gambit's thieving skills would come in handy; and being on a team minus Rogue is a good thing. I think Blink and Gambit would make a great couple.
BASE: underwater ruins of Providence

THE DEFENDERS [Magical and Time Traveling Wonders]
LEADER: Nightcrawler [Kurt Wagner]
[SUB]: Prof. Charles Xavier
Mystic: Wiccan [Billy Kaplan]
Non-Human: Hulkling [Teddy Altman]
Outcast: Radioactive Man [Dr. Chen Lu]
Regular Hero: Dr. Nemesis [Dr. James Bradley]
Superstrong: Spiderwoman [Jessica Drew]
This is a great team. It's time Kurt was given a meaningful role; and I think he'd make a great leader; and Xavier has lots of "experience" to give good guidance and act as a vocal "hub" during missions; but he long ago lost the right to give anyone orders. Spiderwoman needs time away from the Avengers stories, and both Billy and Hulking need to branch out on their own, away from the Young Avengers.
BASE: 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Westchester

"YOUNG" MARVEL [Scottish fun... if there is such a thing ;\) ]
THE BOSS: Trauma [Terrance Ward]
the Bad Ass: Anole [Victor Borkowski]
the Geek: Gertrude Yorkes
the "kid": Penance [Nicole and Claudette St. Croix]
the Jock: Rockslide [Santo Vaccarro]
the Mutant: Skin [Angelo Espinosa]
the Runaway: Old Lace
Could you imagine a more fun group? This comic would be just that: fun. Surely occasionally they'll have drama and fight the big bad; but there needs to be a comic that is purely entertainment. Santo and Kin could talk in Spanish; Anole and Gert see who can come up with the bleakest smart-ass remark; Old Lace and Gert can share their "link" and Trauma is there to keep the kids free of all the pain and drama most of them have had to deal with since being heroes.
BASE: a house on Muir Island