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For some reason this gets deleted all the time on the avengers board.....but i was wondering, as many people claim the New Avengers doesn't feel like an Avengers book, what would you call it instead? Bearing in mind that changing the name of the current Marvel 'it' book may affect the avengers franchise, how would you handle it? Keep the name Avengers in the title or take a risk and call it something else?

yah....anytime I say the New Avengers sit around Steve Rogers kitchen waiting for ninjas and z-list villains to attack my post gets deleted. That big Dark avengers thread where people were getting steamed got to go on. Yet that one sentence I type seems to set off some kind of alarm that it needs to be deleted ASAP! I like Bendis alot, but he doesn't seem to understand what being an Avenger is.

And too answer your question. I'd of just called it Defenders. The quality of teh creative team and the characters would still make this Marvels top book...easily. I like my Avengers going into space or fighting the Masters of Evil. Not sitting around the breakfast nook watching TV and calling each other by their first names in every sentence.