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Subj: One thing I realized about Abomination...
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Reply Subj: I love your Dark Avengers team! [nt]
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The "anti-heroes". They don't play right, they don't play fair, and they don't take prisoners. The team that villains fear! This team globe trots, smacking down load-mouths through-out the world.
- Extra Rule: All team members MUST have a "classic" Avengers name; Man-killer must become Wasp, Speed Demon must become Quicksilver, Enchantress must become Scarlet Witch etc. \:\)
- Extra Rule: Also, all members must be "okay" will killing someone (e.g. no saints, only sinners)
LEADER = Grim Reaper (Swordsman)
Current Dark Avenger = Moonstone (Ms. Marvel)
Guns/Power Suit = Titanium Man (War Machine)
Outsider/Not a current Dark Avengers = Baron Mordo (Doctor Druid)
Powerhouse/In Emergency = Abomination (Hulk)
Street Fighter/Human Anti-Hero = Maximillian Zaran (Black Knight)
Tech Support/Science Guy = Machinesmith (Jocasta...think about it) that the public's only real encounters with him as an outright "villain" were the period when Tyrannus had his body and attacked the WCA a few times and in the Hulk story where the police tried to clear out the homeless people he was staying with and got in trouble with the public for their own heavy-handed tactics.

Otherwise, all he ever really did that they know of was try to kill the Hulk, sometimes even with General Ross's backing...and especially after WWH, would anyone be upset about that? Heck, you might not even need to hide his ID if you recruited him. Just blame the few bad bits on Tyrannus.

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