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Subj: Re: Would you want big personal changes to happen to the lives of the Marvel Characters?
Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 at 06:56:01 pm CDT (Viewed 205 times)
Reply Subj: Would you want big personal changes to happen to the lives of the Marvel Characters?
Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 at 07:02:48 am CDT (Viewed 378 times)

    I was thinking recently (it's been known to happen); that almost all Marvel characters live lives with "no-strings-attached." What weighs them down? Why do they never fully commit to anything? Now I understand the two big reasons for this:

    a) characters are easier to use/write when they are single/childless, because it gives a bigger range of possibilities to play with

That's not really true. There aren't more stories you can tell with a single character, just different ones. As a single/childless character, you couldn't tell stories that father and husbands experience.

    b) other writers might dislike giving them change, and undo/ignore it the first chance they get.  Or just not use the character, because they don't want to deal with the spouse.

There are also other reasons. I'll just give two.

It does age the character some what, and these characters will always be licensed properties before they are fictional ones.

It shifts the dynamic of the characters, changing what came before it. Unfortnately many readers don't want to see real growth in their characters, the Archie syndrom where the character is always the same.

    But why do so few Marvel characters marry? Why do so few have kids? Why do so few not have long term relationships? I also understand that these are "superheroes" and we don't want to read a soap (I know I don't); but why not allow even just 10% to tie the knot? Why not have 5% give birth?

Of the major character, I think that maybe 10% fit that criteria of long term relationship/married. I won't list them, but there are alot. As a writer, anytime you write a character in a solo ongoing, you want to give him a romantic interest. Sharon Carter and Steve Rodgers would be an example.

As for kids, it's much different from a marriage. You'd have to spend time on the kids, which is usually boring. Ray Romano was asked why the viewers didn't get to see more of the kids in his television show, and he replied because the show was about his character. Which is true.

    I KID YOU NOT, I just drew a blank.  Four?  Four is all the universe can handle, and let's be honest, one of them is hardly A-list impressive.  Am I forgetting many obvious ones, or is this not the case?  I would mention Spiderman/MJ or Jamie/Siryn/Sean but both were "erased".

You are a forgetting a lot. GA seemed to list some. I'd say a significant amount. And again, just refering to major characters. I can't name one major character who doesn't have a significant love interest.

    What are your views on this?

If the fans want it, it will happen. I think it's okay now, and wouldn't really make any changes. Name a team title that doesn't have at least one romantic relationship? If you want to take New Avengers as an example, you have two married couples (Ronin and Mockingbird, Jessica and Cage). One couple that seems to be in a commited relationship (Bucky and Black Widow). Leaving only Spider-Man (who just got out of a marriage), Spider-Woman, Ms. Marvel (who I'm not sure what her status is, was dating WonderMan and some other guy), and Wolverine (who is currently seeing Domino, and has other romantic relationships from time to time).

We can do the same for Uncanny, but the results are pretty similar.

A big problem with this issue is that the relationships have never been done well. Name a recent case where a solo ongoing character got married, and it was well received? Black Panther and Storm hasn't worked, neither has Green Arrow and Black Canary. Mostly because it seems when you do a major superhero marries another, the book basically becomes "Black Panther and Storm" which doesn't always lead to the best results.

I don't really see this as a big issue either way though.

As for your initial question, I would want to see big personal changes happen to characters if I thought they made sense. So it would be a case by case basis. A good idea is a good idea.

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