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Subj: Re: Would you want big personal changes to happen to the lives of the Marvel Characters?
Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 at 08:10:40 pm EDT (Viewed 197 times)
Reply Subj: Would you want big personal changes to happen to the lives of the Marvel Characters?
Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 at 08:02:48 am EDT (Viewed 378 times)


    I was thinking recently (it's been known to happen); that almost all Marvel characters live lives with "no-strings-attached." What weighs them down? Why do they never fully commit to anything? Now I understand the two big reasons for this:

    a) characters are easier to use/write when they are single/childless, because it gives a bigger range of possibilities to play with

    b) other writers might dislike giving them change, and undo/ignore it the first chance they get.  Or just not use the character, because they don't want to deal with the spouse.

    But why do so few Marvel characters marry? Why do so few have kids? Why do so few not have long term relationships? I also understand that these are "superheroes" and we don't want to read a soap (I know I don't); but why not allow even just 10% to tie the knot? Why not have 5% give birth?

    Who do we have?

    - Richard and Sue Reed w. child

    - Storm and T'Challa

    - Absorbing Man and Titania

    - Norman Osborn and Lily [pregnant]

    I KID YOU NOT, I just drew a blank.  Four?  Four is all the universe can handle, and let's be honest, one of them is hardly A-list impressive.  Am I forgetting many obvious ones, or is this not the case?  I would mention Spiderman/MJ or Jamie/Siryn/Sean but both were "erased".

    What are your views on this?

No big change in a character is allowed to stand.

1. His marriage
2. MJ's pregnancy
3. The fact that Pete was a clone.
4. Aunt May's death
5. Harry Osborn's death.

1. How many times does he get depowered or go through some change where he can control his transformation only to have it taken away and for Reed to give some dire speech like "Ben you will never be able to transform back to your human state again". I'm sick of that. It's like every few years Reed has to give Ben that same old speech.

1. He's not blue last I checked.

No one stays dead.

Franklin Richards (or the reason the marvel universe sucks)

1. The kid like never ages. I mean seriously this is the situation  the marvel universe is in. It's 2009. The majority of characters in the marvel universe have cropped up post-Franklin. But he's only 8-10 years old. You can't have say a Thor or a Hulk or a Defenders story have a flashback before ten or so years ago and still have it involve the heroes in a post Fantastic Four setting.

You can't have a "what happened to the Hulk" back in the 1990's because the Hulk probably wasn't the Hulk in the 1990's anymore. It's frustrating.

Mark my words the return of Bucky will eventually be undone by a future writer. Scarlet Witch going crazy will be undone or explained away.

No big change is allowed to stand. If a relative dies then the Green Goblin probably hired an actor or actress to die in their place. If someone gets pregnant then they get poisoned by the green goblin. If they do have a child it gets infected with a virus and sent to the future so no one will have to raise it. If they get married their spouse turns into a Skrull or a clone.  If you have a painful transformation where you grow extra appendages, your skin turns blue, or you change gender or ethnicity then just wait a year it will go away. If something doesn't make sense then a space phantom is probably at fault.

Marvel pusses out.

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