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Subj: But as you pointed out, many of these are now "moot points"
Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2009 at 03:07:04 pm CDT (Viewed 145 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Would you want big personal changes to happen to the lives of the Marvel Characters?
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Well let's see...

Scott and Jean - marriage ended by Jean's death (as I don't remember them getting a divorce).

Captain Britain and Meggan are still married.

Hank and Jan have been married and divorced.

Black Bolt and Medusa are married.

Deathbird and Vulcan are married (sort of).

Professor X and Lilandra were married (sort of) and now they're not (well she's dead now anyway so that's a moot point).

Scott and Maddie were married until her death, plus they had Nathan who grew up to be Cable.

Whizzer and Miss America were married and had Nuklo.

Hulk married Caeira (until her death) and they had Skaar, plus there's the new She-Hulk who's the daughter of Thundra and Hulk (using his genetic material) AND it's alleged that the new Scorpion is the daughter of Banner and Monica Rappacini.

Mystique had Graydon Creed with Sabretooth, and Nightcrawler with Azazel.

Major Mapleleaf (II) married Puck (II) and they had a child (before they were killed along with the rest of Alpha Flight).

Guardian married Vindicator and they had a daughter.

Namor married Dorma (before her death) and then Marrina (and the jury's still out on whether she's dead or in suspended animation in the Master's ship) - plus what about the three children that Marrina was alleged to have when she became Leviathan?

Ares has Alexander as his son (with an unknown woman).

Quake is the daughter of Mr. Hyde.

Doctor Druid has a son Sebastian (aka The Druid) with an unknown woman.
Slingshot is the daughter of the Griffin.

Hellfire is the grandson of the Phantom Rider.

Stonewall (of the Secret Warriors) is the son of one of Marvel's greatest icons, we just don't know who that is yet.

Excavator is the son of Piledriver (from the Wrecking Crew) with an unknown woman.

Plus don't forget over in Avengers: The Initiative - Tigra is pregnant by a Skrull.

I can't think of anybody else off the top of my head.

The GoldenAger

The marriages that are still relevant:
Black Bolt and Medusa
Captain Britain and Meggan
Guardian and Vindicator
Ka-Zar and Shanna
Luke Cage and Jessica Jones
Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman
Storm and T'Challa
Titania and the Growing Man
Deathbird and Vulcan (sort of).

The kids:
Lily - PREGNANT (father Norman Osborn)
Tigra - PREGNANT (Skrull child)
Ares = Alexander
Daken = son of Wolverine
Colossus and Nereel = savage land son
the Druid (Doctor Druid)
Franklin (Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman)
Mr Hyde = Quake
Mystique/Craydon Creed = Nightcrawler
Norman Osborn = Harry Osborn
Phantom Rider = child = Hellfire
Piledriver = Excavator
the Hulk = Skaar
She Hulk (Thundra and Hulk)
Whizzer/Miss America = Nuklo
---------- = Stonewall (New Warriors)
and maybe Scorpion (Bruce Banner and Monica Rappacini)
Future/Past/Alterate Kids:
TOTAL = 18 (at best)
TOTAL "A-list" PARENTS = 9
TOTAL "A-list" KIDS = 5

Scott and Jean
Scott and Maddie
Hank and Jan
Professor X and Lilandra (sort of)
Hulk and Caeira
Major Mapleleaf (II) and Puck (II)
Namor and Dorma
Namor and Marrina (and the jury's still out on whether she's dead or in suspended animation in the Master's ship)

People say this is a lot, but if I add ALL OF THEM together; at best we have less than 50 marriages and children combined. AT BEST! And some of these are very much NOT A-list. Who is Quake? Or Major Mapleleaf and Puck? Colossus' savage land kid?  Less than 20 of these are of any real significance. 20 Marvel Characters have "significant" adult life-styles out of how many adult Marvel heroes?

I agree with what everyone else has said, that a) the stories would probably be boring and b) it ages/changes to many things in the timeline (no-one wants 25 years of a "child" to get them passed 10 years old). But isn't anyone surprised by the small number, at least?

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