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These are my picks but I have no real ranking for them since they're all geniuses in their own right.

1. Dr. Doom, Tony Starks, Reed Richards, and Bruce Banner. They formed a quartet of geniuses (called the Knights I think) during the Heroes Reborn saga. They all regarded each other as peers in terms of intellect. This was even acknowledged when they all returned from the HR universe and reunited briefly.

2. Tyrannus: When he came back in the Abomination's body he was able to work out problems that banner acknowledged he was having great difficulty with. Definitely underated outside and even inside the Hulkverse.

3.The Leader: He invented a machine so one could travel at the speed of thought. he built a time machine I think around the time Banner gained control over the Hulk. He built a device able to revive dead body cells.

4. High Evolutionary: Master of evoultion. I don't know all of his scientif feats but assume he deserves a spot.

5. Apocalypse: If not being a racist since he's a mutant and consider him human then he makes the cut. I know from his run in with Hulk he knows a lot about Celestial technology so he should be pretty smart.

6. Dr. Strange: If being racist and excluding Apocalypse but not being totally bias by acknowledging mystical smarts as being as equal to computer smarts then Stephen makes the cut. He truly is a great intellect being able to defat beings much greater than mere mortals can ever comprehend.

Other notable mentions are Doc Samson since he was able to separate Banner from the Hulk. I think Xavier os an expert in genetics but not sure. Pym discovered Pym particles and I think built Ultron. Tchalla supposed to be pretty sharp too. I just consider them below the top tier elite.

I consider Cho to be an upstart intellect wise like how Sentry is power wise. Cho has not done anything I know of that would warrant him being among the Eight.

Pym was also ultimately with the Knights of the Atomic Round Table, along with Reed, Doom, Banner, and Stark. Cho has also acknowledged him as smarter than himself, so, he's at least one of the 8 that Cho considers his superiors.

If you want to include the Leader, MODOK, and High Evolutionary, they pretty much have to lead the list, via their enhancements. That said, I feel that their enhanced intellects are part of their superpowers. You take away everything that makes them superhuman, and you've got a band of relative idiots. (Although the Evolutionary may still knock off whoever was on the bottom of the top 8... unlike the others, he at least invented his own intelligence enhancer.)

Apocalypse's knowledge of Celestial technology seems to not be enough to modify it much past it's original intentions, so I see him as clearly inferior to the other masterminds on this list.

Xavier acknowledges Hank McCoy's more of an expert on mutation than he is, is my understanding.

Tyrannus's technology is pretty much universally something someone else came up with first. I don't think he has the creative drive to make the top 8, although he is smarter than most people give him credit for.

Any respect I had for Dr. Strange's intelligence faded away when it became clear exactly how much of his mystic knowledge consisted of begging more powerful beings for help. He's a clever man, but he's nowhere near my top ten.

Doc Sampson's dual-focus in gamma radiation and psychology makes him a contender for the top 8, actually. I just feel McCoy's unlocking of the mutant gene makes him higher ranked. I'm open to arguements against, though.

T'Challa, wonderful though he is, isn't as smart as the top tier guys in pure creative intelligence... barely. (No major discoveries attributable to just him.) However, in TACTICAL intelligence, only Doom and Stark equal him. He'd be #10 on my list, or higher than Cho, if I were to be honest.

Valeria Richards' ability to follow her father's scientific and mathematical equations and outwit Cho in a technological standoff makes her a member of the top 10 club for sure. The fact that she's two years old probably means someday, she'd be at #1.

I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY that Cho's not done much of anything to deserve the title he's taken for himself. If anything, he's shown that he screws up on a level that even Hank Pym has to blanch at...


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