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Subj: Re: He's not a sadist but he holds no life in reguard.
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    Psyko sounds really interesting. On Wikipedia it says pretty much all of Sleepwalker's villains have never appeared again. Not even in the Hood's army. Surprising, he sounds like a great/nasty villain.  When it says "mutated" did he become like a demon, or more "ethereal"?

He turned into a hideously warped monster with bone-white skin, wild orange hair, green eyes and fangs, and fin-like ears. Here are some pictures:

Charming, isn't he? Presumably, he's still interred in the maximum security wing of Ravencroft. I like to think that even the Hood considered him too dangerous to let loose on the world. Another theory floated by the main Sleepwalker guy at the Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe is that Psyko might have lost his powers when the demon he was fused with lost its abilities when Sleepwalker defeated the demon's master. I like my idea better, though. (evil grin).

One of the really sad things about the Sleepwalker series is how many great villains Bob Budiansky created, and how none of them were ever used again. 8-Ball was treated like a loser in the Daughters of the Dragon mini-series where he was killed, when in fact Budiansky wrote him as a surprisingly skilled fighter who could have been on the same level as the second-tier spider-villains. The status of some of the others has been alluded to, though-the Chain Gang have pretty much lost their powers since their chain was broken, Spectra is reformed and was using her powers in a legitimate job (although Tony Stark once considered her as a candidate for the Initiative), and Lullaby probably lost her powers after M-Day.

    The whole "goblin serum" things makes it harder to list this as "nastiest"; since the worst, surely, are ones that do their "deeds" without an insane serum. For example, Kimaru in the most recent issue of X-force took a chainsaw to an imprisoned X-23's arm and hacked it off. And from the looks off it, intended to cut up more of her. THAT'S HORRIFIC! She doesn't have an insane serum, or anything, she's just a bully who gets off on tormenting X. Where as Osborn (esp. in the recent years) is much more mastermind, than full out nasty brute. I mean, who is worse Gordan Gekko or Annie Wilkes? ;\)

If you have a look at one of the authoritiative fan analyses of the Spider-Man universe, the eminent spider-sage Madgoblin suggests that it wasn't actually the serum that drove Norman Osborn nuts. He already had more than a few screws loose before the Goblin formula blew up in its face. All the formula did was enhance his physical and mental capabilities, including giving him a healing factor.

    This one I'm incredibly surprised by. Really? What's he done that put him in the same category as the 5,000 killing Leader, or chainsaw happy Kimura?

In my defense, I know nothing of Kimura, and I forgot about the Leader, who doen't quite strike me as a depraved sadist on the same level as the other guys I mentioned.

    As for the Marauders (I put two in my list, I think); I wondered about blaming Mister Sinister for the Morlock Massacre and putting him in the list, BUT a) the Marauders took a LOT of pleasure in a task that could have been done coldly and quickly; and b) Mister Sinister is really "about" science and discovery. Where as Bullseye just kills for "fun". Kimura tortures for "fun" with not real purpose to it... as far as I can see.

I haven't seen Kimura, so I can't say either way. The Marauders more than fit the bill, though.

    I didn't know Mister Hyde did that (I assume it was during the Avengers Seige?). How did Jarvis heal?

Very slowly and painfully. And yes, it was during the Siege. Of course, he later graduated to carving things on the bones of homeless people-while they're still alive, mind you-during his later appearances in Ghost Rider.

He put a pregnant Betty in danger and tried to set off WW3 twice, he just dont give a #$%&.

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