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Subj: Re: Ever see Quinten Tarantino's films? Marvel will be fine.
Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 at 09:17:46 pm EDT (Viewed 95 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Ever see Quinten Tarantino's films? Marvel will be fine.
Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 at 08:27:58 pm EDT (Viewed 7 times)

    Marvel's publishing isn't worth 4 billion dollars. Its characters are. Disney has little interest marketing Miramax content in its theme parks or tv properties. You're never gonna see Hannah Montana in L'il Kill Bill. Miramax is all about attracting "hip" film making talent to provide content to an adult audience. Do you honestly think Disney is all that interested in any of Marvel's talent. No way. It's the character library.

Disney and Marvel will continue to keep their brands separate. So you wouldn't see a Disney product and a Miramax product mix together anyway. It's called Brand Management.

I'm not sure what Miramax's current image, is, but its not "hip film making".

Disney is going to be interested in Marvel's management, not specifically creators. Marvel has tons of experience dealing with their licenses/properties/characters in various forms.

If this is similar to the Pixar deals, then it's really only a positive to Marvel.

    If and when(I'm pretty certain it's inevitable) Marvel's characters are fully incorparted into Disney themeing, Disney is going to protect those properties like a mofo. Marvel publishing will have to answer to the Mouse, and the Mouse will be very risk averse and less likely to try out controversial stories with its characters.

Again, they won't be. Spider-Man is still going to be a Marvel character, and not a Disney character. Branding. Of course that doesn't mean that Spider-Man won't get an attraction at Disney world. If anything, I'd guess there would be a completely separate section at Disney Worlds for the Marvel brand ie "Marvel Adventures Island".

Content wise, there is noting to worry about, at least in the regular comics. Disney might push for certain things, like more kid friendly comics, but not at the cost of any other comic.

    Plus the Weinstiens bailed on Miramax at least in part because they were getting sick of having to fight off Disney's interference.

The Miramax problem was really the result of Micheal Eisner, who everyone apparently hated. It had to do wit various factors, that probably won't apply to Marvel. Disney was looking for more financial success from the Weinsteins. It's entirely possible that creators at Marvel could leave to create an Image 2, but I don't know how applicable that really is.

    While it may not be entirely for the worse, and there can be some good things that come out of this, there's no way that things are going to be business as usual at The House of Ideas. Whether that's good or bad has to deal mostly with your own personal taste.

I think that's hard to say. Again, if it's like the Pixar deal, I don't see any real influence content wise. Disney isn't going to say anything if Marvel want's to have Daredevil kill the Kingpin, same way the WB isn't going to say anything when DC does their changes. As long as the licenses are fine, publishing isn't going to really matter.

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