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News flash, feminist commentators: it's NOT Disney's fault that Cinderella cleans, or that Pocahontas wasn't a princess, or that Sleeping Beauty and Snow White were woken by kisses from Prince Charming, blame history and the Grimm Brothers; not Disney!  What would be the point of doing Cinderella (a classic fairytale) if you take out she was made to cook and clean as a slave by her wicked-step mother? You're trying to build a mount out of a mole hill; just to push some un-needed feminist angle; blithely unaware how misguided and flat-out-absurd these "insights" are.  I also notice they FAILED to mention that many if not MOST of Disney's famous villains are women!  Giving viewers a strong, female character.  But that wouldn't go with their "woe is women" article; so we'll just "skip" that and hope no-one noticed!

Here's another thought: maybe a lot of girls just DON'T WANT TO READ COMICS!!!! Let's blame Marvel, let's blame sexism and the wrongs of "men";, I'm sure we have room to blame the former Kings of England and women-haters rather than say "hey, it's not anyone's fault girls and comics don't combine well."   Comics are generally action driven, and recently darker.  These are not two things one instantly associates with girls; nor does it have to be.   Of course girls CAN like action and darkness, it's absurd not think that can't be the case; but I don't notice Goth Barbie selling to well?  Or Demolition Derby barbie?  Or super ripped and strong barbie!  Is it wrong to say A LOT of girls like feminine things?  Is that wrong?  Is that sexist or degrading?  Do we have a huge debate about how the needle-thread world doesn't do enough to market sowing to men? Or how Nancy Drew is a little too "feminine" for boys to read? MY GOD! What's wrong with saying men and women ARE different? This article seems to imply the only way to make comics more "accessible" to girls; is to totally change what a superhero comic is. WHAT'S THE POINT?  They'll only be reading something that isn't a real comic anyway, so why bother?

What I'd love to see is something like Spiderman Loves Mary Jane but where the protagonist is the superhero and she has to deal with life, her family, grades, money, friends, boys... and her secret life as well.
That sounds like the WORST idea for a comic ever.  Grades?  Boys?  Yeah, because what will sell well is a monthly teen whine about how she'll never get into Harvard with only a 3.1; and her boyfriend totally ignored her at Spring Fling to spend time with the "bad girl" Linda.  She smokes too, bad girl.  And she'll never grow proper breasts, so she has to pad them, the same of it all! But I just wish I didn't have to help Grandma with the shopping, and she's so worried about Aunt Carol.... MY GOD!  I half threw up over my own key-board.  There is a reason some people HATE Aunt May.  And it's not because she's female ;\)   Comics are not here to discuss "life" they are here to be superhero-fests.  Yes you can thread subtle "metaphors" through some stories, and it's always good to have a minor subplot that is maybe grounded in something "real world"; but the first and last duty of a comic is the SUPER HERO aspect of it.  And to "hope" and "wish" that girls on mass, will suddenly like that is just absurd!  That's comics.  Deal with it!

I mean are we lacking female characters? Is there a giant absence of women in Marvel comics? I will bet all the money, in my pocket, against all the money in your pocket, that percentage wise there are more main female characters, than there are female readers! And what a great assortment of female characters we have. The Skrull Queen fooled everyone. Carol Danvers and Wasp have lead the Avengers. The Runaways have always had the team 50% women. The X-men are jointly lead by Scott Summers and Emma Frost. Rogue is the focus of X-men: Legacy. Thunderbolts is lead by the Black Widow; Norman's right hand man is Victoria Hand; Songbird is the Thunderbolt with the longest track record on the team; and probably the best hero of the bunch. Sue Storm is a core part of the Fantastic Four. Storm has lead the X-men, beating Scott hand-to-hand to win that leadership, she lead the Morlocks and now she is Queen of Wakanda. Mystique has lead the Brotherhood, the Marauders; and double-crossed Mr. Sinister for her own plans.  And then there is the Scarlet Witch and House of M; which is STILL one of the biggest influences on all X-comics. THESE ARE ALL GREAT CHARACTERS. And it has NOTHING to do with them being women, it has to do with them as characters, great, amazing, SUPER characters!

Which brings up another thing: why is it people ASSUME women only want to read about female character? I'm male, my favourite characters are Emma Frost, Daken and Dr. Karla Sofen. Notice any similarities in the characters? (I'll give you a hint, it's not their gender) It has NOTHING to do with gender, religion, race; but with the CHARACTERS themselves. I like the manipulation, the strong will, the darkness, the arrogance; and the inner turmoil of those characters. I don't care what race or gender they are, I care for the character. The C H A R A C T E R. If women and girls are so simple, so sad and so pathetic as to not like a character just because he doesn't come with boobs and a tampon, then MY GOD, should we really CARE if those kind of depthless people don't read comics?

Rant over.  Have a great day.  \:\)

There's a difference between catering to a specific group and catering to a specific group by excluding others. Superhero comics are hardly known for their sensitive portrayals of strong female characters, and to try to simplify the issue into " well Disney movies aren't for boys either " is to ignore a lot of evidence.

I should note that the past few years have seen an explosion of sci-fi/fantasy fandoms with female bases, and the audiences for shojo manga, Buffy and other Joss Whedon shows, Harry Potter, Neil Gaiman's Sandman, and ( keeping in mind that I don't want to say this in any positive context ) Twilight have a lot of crossover potential with superheroes. This crossover potential is nullified when a substantial majority of superheroines have bodies and wardrobes that look like they were designed by and for 14-year-old boys, have far fewer starring roles than the male characters ( and tend to be downplayed even in the team books ), and tend to be stuffed in the fridge on a regular basis, either by literal death or by apallingly insensitive depictions of trauma.

It's hardly pretentious or absurd to acknowledge that there's a misogynist undercurrent to the genre, and it's hardly shallow to want to read about characters in your own group.

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