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        Why would anyone choose to read AF over the Avengers?

      I really couldn't care less about niche this or niche that. I read books for the characters in them. I'd read 10 different Avengers books doing basically the same thing, if I liked the characters.

    I'm sure we all have personal preferences on what we read and why we do so. But for a book to be commercially successful, it has to appeal to a wide consumer base. The purpose for the book is always going to be more important than the characters or the creative team, but the second two features there will certainly bring recognition to any title.

My point was that the purpose need not be unique. It need not have a niche. JLA and JSA exist together. People watch the CSIs, NCISs, Criminal Minds, which all do basically the same thing. Nobody's really concerned with "niche."

    The character driven titles are really a thing of the past for the most part. People are much more likely to follow something else today, such as creative teams. The era of people buying every Wolverine appearance is over.

Without character-driven titles, there will be no more comics... at all. Characters are what drive all fiction.


      If there were an Alpha Flight that was serious and had the original members plus maybe two new ones, and no guys dressed like Mounties, I'd read it. Bring the Plodex back as a serious threat. Use lots of magical stuff in the Canadian woods. Ship Logan up there permanently.

    With the exception of Wolverine, that series would still fail.



      Besides, Canada's like the 52nd state... after Puerto Rico. It's not really that international.

    There is trouble with Canadaian "imports" coming down to the US, which is why I mentioned the Canadian based television shows. Why would anyone read Alpha Flight over the Avengers? It's the same concept (countries best superheroes), with less popular and less interesting characters.

Why have so many people continued to watch Flashpoint?
Why is there a choice of one or the other?

Interest is wholly subjective thing. To be honest, I think the Alphans are more interesting. Big deal if the Avengers are more popular. That is completely irrelevant to whether or not an Alpha Flight book can be popular enough.

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