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Subj: Meggan, she's pretty in any form
Posted: Thu May 13, 2010 at 12:42:45 pm EDT (Viewed 106 times)
Reply Subj: FINAL VOTE! THE B-list Babe Beauty winner is...
Posted: Thu May 13, 2010 at 08:01:54 am EDT (Viewed 342 times)

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This is it. The final vote for your big bidwinning, B-list, beautiful, babe! Thanks to everyone that joins in as always.

Currently, WHO do YOU find the more exciting B-List Babes in this list?

Pick ONLY ONE from EACH set of 5! Feel free to list her on the subject line if you like.

1 M(Monet)
2 Misty Knight
3 Meggan
4 Gamora
5 Black Cat(Felicia)

SemiFinal RESULTS:

Thundra 12
Meggan 12345
Clea 1234
Andromeda' 1
Jolt(Hallie)' 1

Nova(Frankie) 123
Laserfist(Lyja) 123
Gamora* 1234567

Photon(Monica) 1
Firestar(Angelica) 12
Diamondback' 12
Black Cat~ 1234567

Snowbird 1234
Ashley Crawford(Big Bertha)~ 1
Misty Knight~ 1234*w/tiebreaker vote
Mrs. Arbogast'
Marlo Chandler~ 12

Lila Cheney' 1
M(Monet)~' 12345
Dani Moonstar~ 1234
Magik' 12

I miss my brother.

I choose Meggan for one reason, she has the ability to retain an aspect of feminine cuteness regardless of form. Even when she is a guy.

Plus her habit of chameleonic changes, picking up aspects of those around her subconsciously is sort of cute too.

As for keeping cuteness as a guy. a more minor example is here when she (and later rachel) become brian. Notice how meggan keeps some slight feminine aspects to her face and mouth.

A more extreme aspect of it is when she becomes Logan, at first she has his ugly mug, but soon feminized it to more of her own.

The end result with the cute girly face on the hunky male body is absolutely adorable.

So not only is meggan a hot girl, she is strangely cute and alluring as a man.

If she was real I'd date her and ask her to slip into something a bit more masculine, body wise. Of course then I'd likely be beaten up by captain britian for hitting on his wife, but it'd be worth it.