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Subj: Re: Can Alpha Flight ever be revived?
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Being the HUGE Alpha Flight fan I am let me get into this conversation since I do in fanfic and also drop by alot on (.net)

I think the problem with AF is that people always want the original Byrne team. They always want the originals and expansion of characters gets short focused. The AVengers expanded. The X-Men added Wolverine Storm and Banshee after the XFactor team left and even morphed into something more then that through the years. Thing is what characters and direction to you want to use. AF was one of the 1st series to "kill off" their leader and had the 1st gay hero. It might shock some people that I say this but how bout we be the 1st comic to keep people dead and build off that

Most people know the Department H came from Guardian but it was so wicked over the years that it a shame to be even associated with the Department. In the early years of AF, AF wasnt the government or Department H run team. They flocked on their own to disasters and it really turned after issue 70 of vol1. Vol2 (which I liked) wanted to take a different directions like any writer would and get deeper in Department H but everyone screamed for the originals who didnt appear till later when the series ended and then BAMF...Dept H is dissolved into nothing offpanel. And it should be kept that way, a seperate entity from AF at the last.(Did you know Seagle actually wanted Gentry to be the real Guardian from vol 2, holla)

Vol 3 was a joke and OF was just something to satisfy us AF fans but I hated it. Marvel writers do tend to kill off AF characters recently cuz they have more shock value but not big enough to say, Oh my god, Nightcrawler died.

You can still have some characters ont he roster that would satify the AF fans. Sasquatch, Jeffries (I hated Lil died recently), Talisman, Snowbird make a solid core of true AF. Nemesis will never die and that could be a resurected Heather Hudson but I wouldnt keep bringing the others alive. Northstar is happy now in XMen cuz his sister is safe but we all know he follows his sister. If you want to follow Seagles idea, Mac Hudson is still alive as Gentry. The suit can be handed to anyone. You can make a new good Guardian as a government liason much how USAgent was with West Coast Avengers. Everyone else is Blist survivors at this point who wouldnt draw much attention:Manikin, Persuassion, Goblyn, Ghost Girl, Flex, Ouija, whose status' are unknown.We can try to add Elsie Dee and Alfred. But try to expand after you focus on the core concept of the group

PS: AF also did win the Bendis poll for which series would you want brought back recently

The main problem as I see it is that even Alphas biggest characters such as Sansquach, Guardian, Vindicator, Puck etc arent a big draw. When you start going on about the second stringers such as Flex, Ghost Girl, Windshear and so on most people quite understandably say "who?".

The Avengers are 'Earths Mightiest Heroes' and as such have always had the pick of Marvels top heroes to add to their roster and that gives them instant marketability. Struggling for sales? Easy, put spiderman and wolverine on the team - at least thats what Bendis did. The X-men can choose from all the mutants and the Thunderbolts can choose from all the villains.

Alpha cant do this - it has a group of barely known heroes to draw upon. Sure it could innovate some new ones but whats the chance of a brand new hero or brand new team selling? The entire roster of the team for Vol 3 was innovated but sucked in a big way.

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