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Subj: Re: Can Alpha Flight ever be revived?
Posted: Thu May 13, 2010 at 11:44:27 pm CDT (Viewed 164 times)
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The main problem as I see it is that even Alphas biggest characters such as Sansquach, Guardian, Vindicator, Puck etc arent a big draw. When you start going on about the second stringers such as Flex, Ghost Girl, Windshear and so on most people quite understandably say "who?".

The Avengers are 'Earths Mightiest Heroes' and as such have always had the pick of Marvels top heroes to add to their roster and that gives them instant marketability. Struggling for sales? Easy, put spiderman and wolverine on the team - at least thats what Bendis did. The X-men can choose from all the mutants and the Thunderbolts can choose from all the villains.

Alpha cant do this - it has a group of barely known heroes to draw upon. Sure it could innovate some new ones but whats the chance of a brand new hero or brand new team selling? The entire roster of the team for Vol 3 was innovated but sucked in a big way.

the problem really is that everyone keeps referring to the Byrne era. you know why the Byrne era was so successful, cuz they werent the government team back then. they just happened to be a team of superheroes that lived in Canada. You know Wolverine and Deadpool are Canadian but they dont go tooting the flag.One of AFs biggest issue vol 1 issue 12, the death of Guardian. That battle took place in New York. Back then they also went to Atlantis, the Savage Land and Asgard. After around issue 80 til its cancelation of vol 1, the team was heavily pictured as being a Canadian government team. Vol2 continued that and so did Omega Flight. WHy would anyone call the Canadian super team when they can get the UN team in the Avengers?

A government Canadian team has such a narrow aspect to it. I assume most comic buyers are in the US and do we really care or believe what happens on Victoria Island? At least in space we can imagine and wonder on space and magic comics but like I said, after issue 80 it was all Canada except for when they went on the World Tour meeting other government heroes.

Also, though Puck, Vindicator and Guardian may not be the heavy hitters, they are the heavy hitters int he hearts of Alpha fans. Their popularity may be cuz of that. You know Guardian took on Galactus and won