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Subj: Re: Can Alpha Flight ever be revived?
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    the problem really is that everyone keeps referring to the Byrne era. you know why the Byrne era was so successful, cuz they werent the government team back then. they just happened to be a team of superheroes that lived in Canada. You know Wolverine and Deadpool are Canadian but they dont go tooting the flag.One of AFs biggest issue vol 1 issue 12, the death of Guardian. That battle took place in New York. Back then they also went to Atlantis, the Savage Land and Asgard. After around issue 80 til its cancelation of vol 1, the team was heavily pictured as being a Canadian government team. Vol2 continued that and so did Omega Flight. WHy would anyone call the Canadian super team when they can get the UN team in the Avengers?

The Avengers have never sold based on being the 'U.N team' and the choice between a Canadian government team and a U.N team is a choice no fan has ever made because who the team is sanctioned by has never really been that important to either set of fans.

Now I would agree that continually stressing the Canadian-ness of Alpha Flight may put non-Canadian fans off. The problem is that the leader of the gang wears a Canadian flag, you have a big furry guy named after a mythical Canadian beast, a little guy named after and who acts like a piece of sports equipment from Canadas national sport, a woman named after Canadas famous Northern lights, likewise another hero named after the Northern Pole star, even the term 'Snowbird' is a word used to describe the likes of Canadians who rather than spend their time living in a cold climate like Canada move around to live in warmer locales, so whichever way you cut it Alpha Flight just scream "Canada!" - its built into their very character design and because of that i find it very difficult to believe that the idea of them being Canadian wasnt a very intentional action.

Sadly that same design somewhat restricts their use in current day comics in the same way the Winter Guard will always be inherently Russian and therefore lack any real appeal for the American and international comic reading audience.

    Also, though Puck, Vindicator and Guardian may not be the heavy hitters, they are the heavy hitters int he hearts of Alpha fans. Their popularity may be cuz of that. You know Guardian took on Galactus and won

A characters popularity isnt about punching out Galactus because if that were true the Fantastic 4 would be top of the pile having done it about a dozen times.

Additionally, alpha Flights popularity amongst Alpha Flights fans isnt in question. Thats like saying Darkhawk fans like Darkhawk. The problem seems to be that there simply arent enough alpha Flight fans to make the book a sustainable success and the question is then how do we make the idea appeal to non-Alpha fans?

Jamie Braddock has the British flag on his chest and he is a pretty popular character. You may say that Joseph Chapman is the actual symbol of the UK since his name is Union Jack but Jamie still has the symbol much like the Hudson's do. Guardian isnt called Captain Canada or Major Maple Leaf. You can have the symbols and people still like you