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Subj: Hey USAgent Fan - Spidey2099 NAILED IT.... (IMO)
Posted: Sun May 16, 2010 at 02:27:39 am EDT (Viewed 87 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Can Alpha Flight ever be revived?
Posted: Sat May 15, 2010 at 11:11:08 am EDT (Viewed 12 times)

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Funny I had the same idea about bring Heather back as Nemesis.

The truth is there's a lot of things holding Alpha Flight back.
The name of the book is a classic but is dated.
The Canadian Factor. We just don't have the level of crime up here as there is in the States. There's never going to be a CSI: Toronto.
The original characters were classic but now there's a giggle factor:

James Hudson died and they couldn't leave it alone. It's become a joke how many times he's returned from the dead. The leadership was never stable. They didn't have a Cyclops or Captain America. They had a widow secretary. The Vindicator/Guardian switcharoos didn't help.
Marrina was a green alien and had webbed fingers... Oh and she could swim.
Puck can't be taken seriously today.
Aurora's multi-personality disorder became so complicated, how can she not be confind to a home?
Box I had no legs.
Is this a Superhero team or the special olympics?

They overplayed the flawed heroes thing.

What was their purpose? To save Canada? From what? The Great Beasts? Perfect! Let's go with tha... oh government conspiracy? Sure let's play that angl... You want them to fight random D-list X-Villains? OK... Wait let's stop the villain fighting and have them constantly fight amongst each othe... Oh hell, let's just send them into SPACE!!


Also you're only as good as your villains:
Master of the World. Canada's version of Magneto... Without the powers. Check.
Dream Queen. check.
Uh... That's. About. It.
OH! OMEGA FLIGHT I - Lame knock offs!
OMEGA FLIGHT II - Lamer knock offs!
OMEGA FLIGHT III - Circus Freaks!

You're only as good as your supporting cast:
Manikin - Had potential but always lame. Never got the name.
Windshear - They needed a black guy.
Goblyn and her teleporting sister! - ...
Stictch - ...
Murmur - ...
Yukon Jack! - ...
Major Mapl... yeah, I think I'm done.
Flex - Can manipulate his body into sharp metal!? Wow he potential! Wait he shapes his hands into large knives and only paddles you with the brawd side?...
Madison Jefferies - Wait a sec, this guy basically has the powers of Magneto but can also control plastic and glass along with metal? So much potential, so much potential... Let's put him inside a Robot!

The only way Alpha Flight would work today is if you change the name to Averngers North. Get Wolvies son Daken on the team to bring in the readers. Bring Heather back as Nemesis, back to kill Michael Porter so she can rest in peace with Mac. but instead become Michael's guardian (see what I did there?) so she can stay among the living to be with her daughter. As long as Porter lives, she lives. Northstar and a cured Aurora would bring in readers. Get a new Sasquatch. Walter could find out he's dying of cancer from the radiation his first experiment. Try to cure himself with a similar machine, have someone (Agent Jeff Brown from Omega Flight? Gentry?) try to stop him, there's an explosion and have them become the new Sasquatch. Maybe with black fur. Have Walter stay on as a tech guy. Merge Snowbird;s spirit into Talisman. Combine powers.
Make Jeffries the new Guardian. Not the old suit but a new less Canadiana one. He has the powers of Guardian but can also do the Magneto thing. Very powerful.

Give them a purpose! Give them great villains! No X-men sloppy seconds or evil wax figures...

Most importantly have them appear in the major Events like Invasion, Siege, etc. Let Marvel Readers know they are relevant!

Excellent post there Spidey2099... I totally agree... have been following this post these last few days, working out to say... but dang it... there you went and hit all the points I was gonna raise..!

The merging / consolidating of characters (like heather / nemesis / michael Porters 'guardian... snowbird and talisman... taking two half good characters and melding / molding them into one kickass character

totally agree that they need to expand their purpose... and wheeling in some big names.. Deadpool is Canadian... haha... Maybe Wolvie needs to be on yet another team??? Daken is a good suggestion

What about other Northern Heroes... some from Winter Guard (Darkstar and vanguard are two of my faves)... or Shamrock from Ireland... maybe characters from Iceland or Scandinavia... Perhaps move Asgard up North so it has links with Thor

With Climate Change and melting Ice-caps / potential extinction of many Polar speciece there could be a big 'environmental' theme... which has ties to Nature Gods and ancient cultures

Hmm other names to kick around include
Northern Flight / Northern Lights
Arctic Flight / Arctic Avengers
But probably not ... the CanadiAvengers

But yeah... the writers need to very clear on what their THEME is and then stick to it


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