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Subj: Re: For all our hatred of The Sentry, we sure do talk about him lot...
Posted: Sun May 23, 2010 at 04:59:01 pm EDT (Viewed 177 times)
Reply Subj: Re: For all our hatred of The Sentry, we sure do talk about him lot...
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I never had a problem with Sentry. Outside Spider-Man, I can't really call myself a 'fan' of any heroes. I see american comic books more as modern day myths. They are similar to the ancient sagas of the norse or greek gods.

I think a lot of this 'hate' stems from people feeling Sentry is stepping on their turf so to speak. What? He is more powerful than Thor? Hulk? No way! And the hate ensues.

Then you have others that I can more relate to. The thing about Sentry being "shoehorned" into the Marvel history. But since only a few remembers Sentry from "back then", does it really matter? It certainly isn't the first time stuff has been retconned, or some pivotal event way in the past has been altered to suit the introduction of a new character. Brubaker for example, basically re-wrote the entire Cap - Bucky dynamic during WW2 (changing it from campy to cool), and then even brought him back. But I have no problems with it.

Instead of turning Sentry into another hero, he was turned more into a plotdevice leading up to Siege. I still see a room for him to return, if they do away with the Sentry/Void dynamic, and give us some more permanent answers.

There's also the problem that he was so much a character of absolutes that he tended to dominate any story in which he appeared. A lot of plots really did come down to the Sentry deciding to resolve the problem of the moment, meaning every other character wasn't just outdone...they were utterly inessential.

He was also an absolute in characterization, with Silver Age Sentry as a pure good and the Void as utter, unmotivated wickedness. The character in the middle was more complex, but most writers seemed to want to tease the one-dimensional, omnipotent villainy of the Void as often as not.

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