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Subj: Re: So, the Sentry, who could he be ?
Posted: Thu May 27, 2010 at 03:01:03 pm EDT (Viewed 85 times)
Reply Subj: Re: So, the Sentry, who could he be ?
Posted: Fri May 21, 2010 at 10:40:59 pm EDT (Viewed 134 times)

    Why is the experimental serum so hard to believe in a universe with characters who continuously come back from the dead and mutants who can re-arrange reality? Not to mention noble characters who inexplicably make deals with Satan.

Oh, don't worry, these examples are as hard to believe as the serum.

There was a time when I used my own imagination to create alternative explanations when I was not satisfied by the conclusion of a storyline, or when I thought that it would add value to the fictional universe.

I still do it once in a while, that's all.
(Nowadays, I am more interested by DC characters than by Marvel ones even if I started reading comics with Marvel books. Hawkman has so untapped potential !).

I think the first time was with the Hobgoblin, Ned Leeds and Macendale.

I thought about a mysterious criminal mastermind being the true Goblin and using Macendale and Leeds as scapegoats to escape.
I was a young kid, back then.
Of course, I could not have guessed that it would be Kingsley (the evil twin ? Come on !).

BTW, about the (other) Goblin : I think that Norman Osborn died and that the current one is a clone.
That's the paradox : Only a clone would try to convince Spider-Man that he is the real deal, lol !!! (the real Osborn would not have cared).

    As to what Sentry is, he is a mistake, and I think you are reading far too much into what the character is. You are looking for symbolism and deeper meaning and there is none, IMO.

No, don't worry : our opinions are closer than you think (on the topic of the Sentry anyway).

I recently read something about Abbaton, the Angel of Death of the Coptic Church and, somehow, after quickly reading Siege in a bookstore, I thought that it would make an interesting origin for the Sentry, that's all.

I think that the character is a mistake as a human super-hero but, perhaps, can be explained as a cosmic entity.

Many people thought him to be the Beyonder and it would have been a good idea : at the end of Secret Wars II, the Beyonder tried to become human while keeping his power. The result could have been the Sentry.
Nevertheless, somehow, I have the feeling that they are two different characters.

What I like about my Abbaton theory is that it would really explain what the Sentry is : the self-destructive behaviour, the wish to become a "golden guardian", the temptation of the void (Abbaton is the Angel of the Abyss), et cetera.

Thanks for reading. \:\)

PS : Unfortunately, I don't look for symbolism or deep meaning in a Marvel comic book. \:\(

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