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Subj: Re: Can you try differently
Posted: Tue Jun 01, 2010 at 05:18:35 pm EDT (Viewed 165 times)
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    The Marvel books of the present aren't going to be like the Marvel books of the past. They can't be evaluated on those criteria, and shouldn't be. Maybe it's worth reconsidering them based on a different perceptual standard?

SEHS66 did not even make clear what criteria s/he applied, but somehow you know that merely because of their cover-date Marvel's current books should be exempt from them? What a cop-out. You might as well say "you just haven't lowered your standards and expectations enough". Besides, it is not as if all Marvel's current titles are so "modern" or "avantgarde" that a completely different set of standards and criteria must be applied to them (assuming that argument was valid), they also do quite a bit of "retro" stuff, and not just in the "Forever" titles. The current Spider-Man for instance is by Marvel's own admission an attempt to recreate the 1970s and 1980s Spider-Man. And there are still a lot of writers from the pre-Quesada days working for Marvel whose writing (plotting and scripting) did not change so dramatically that a whole new perceptual standard needs to be applied.