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Subj: Re: I'd like an opinion on an idea I have for a fanfic involving Frank Castle, and X-23
Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 at 09:22:18 pm EDT (Viewed 2 times)
Reply Subj: Re: I'd like an opinion on an idea I have for a fanfic involving Frank Castle, and X-23
Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 at 01:29:43 pm EDT (Viewed 86 times)

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You know where I stand on the issue of the Punisher having powers but I'd like to try a different tact in how I explain that:

Some people dislike the fact that Frank doesnt have powers because they believe it excludes him from really being able to tackle the kinds of problems they believe a man of his sort would face in the Marvel Universe - for example a crazy Sentry or a rampaging Hulk. Those people would therefore probably consider it 'cool' to have a Frank Castle that could go toe to toe with such enemies.

My opinion is that this wouldnt be 'cool' or interesting at all because all it would do is simply make Frank Castle more like everyone else and less like himself and therefore less unique.

Additionally its not always that interesting to see two titans going toe to toe with each other - weve seen enough of Thor v's Herc or Juggarnaut v's Colossus or Hulk v's Abomination or whatever for it to become somewhat cliche. What IS cool is when someone who by all rights should be completely outclassed overcomes incredible odds - such as when Jim Steranko drew Cap defeating the Hulk years ago.

'David v's Goliath' stuff is far more interesting than 'Goliath v's Goliath' and Frank is the very embodiment of David in so far that he is a pretty much ordinary man who defeats so called undefeatable foes not through brute force but through guile, application, tactics, stealth, endeavor or whatever. The key to helping Frank defeat Golaith therefore isnt to give him the strength or toughness of Goliath but to give him a slingshot and a writer creative enough to provide him with the brains and ability to be able to utilise that slingshot to achieve the seemingly impossible.

I understand and fully respect your opinion. But you seemed to focus more on Frank receiving powers and less on the fact that the rest of the human race is on a fast track as well.

Logically, Frank would need to jump on the bandwagon himself so he can continue his war. He is a soldier first and foremost, and becoming a transhuman with the vast population of the United States and several other countries is just another weapon at his disposal.

After all, in this fanfic I can't have a 72 year old Frank fighting (the initial) abuse of this next stop in evolution against common thugs that are now essentially at the same level Batman or Captain America is, and beyond.

Of course as I flesh the story out it will deal with Frank's unwillingness to be used as a pawn or to change himself in any way. The other part of this story focuses on what has been keeping a 70 year old man on top of a game that most men in their mid-30s can't manage. This, mixed in with Frank's nature, and what is happening to the rest of the world (and the inevitable decline of crime totally) threatens not only the Punisher's mission in ways he never understood. But possibly renders him obsolete right after he becomes one of the most pivotal characters in the world.

Frank Castle, secretly or no, knew his war would never end. He is, for lack of a better word, a junkie. What happens when the supply of criminals starts declining so much that not only he, but all peacekeeprs now have to look at their lives?

This story (and what I posted originally and what I'm posting now, could barely be considered even an outline or premise), I'm hoping would span many, many years. And show the initial wars where Frank is needed the most, followed by his survival in a pseudo-post-apocalyptic world. And eventually to him rebuilding society. And then the final chapter, what happens when all of this peace becomes more unsettling to him than anything he ever felt before, and ends with a confrontation with him having to delve into his own self and essentially have Frank Castle V.S The Punisher in his own mind.

I know this may sound rushed and confusing right now. As I feel the story is hitting me from so many angles in my head that I'm going to have to work on it for WEEKS before I come up with even a plot outline and an idea on where I want to head with it.

But I make a promise, as one of the biggest Punisher fans there is. He will NOT be some super-powered superhero of any kind. He will be living in a world where humans and mutants are nearly one and the same, and in this world, what makes him so special? Well, that is what I want to elaborate on.

It's not a tale of giving Frank powers. It's a tale of Frank having to live in a world where everyone has powers, where no one is special because of them, where the old-school heroes from the past start to become obsolete, and how Frank Castle is the only one that can bring us all back from the brink of madness. In this story, Frank is one of the only people who isn't completely insane. And that is (for me) a writer's wet dream as a Punisher fan.

I hope I clarified a little bit, and that you maybe feel a little bit better about where I'm heading with this. IF you'd like to lend any writing talents (I dunno if you have any or not, but you're bright apple, if I may say so) or advice/ideas, and critique once I have a good portion of it done. I'd HAPPILY let you look at my work. And I have a thick skin so don't worry about hurting my feelings.

thank you so much for your reply. USAgentfan, I appreciate your friendship and your candor.

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