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Subj: Re: I'd like an opinion on an idea I have for a fanfic involving Frank Castle, and X-23
Posted: Sun Sep 19, 2010 at 01:48:26 am EDT (Viewed 2 times)
Reply Subj: Re: I'd like an opinion on an idea I have for a fanfic involving Frank Castle, and X-23
Posted: Thu Sep 16, 2010 at 12:39:39 pm EDT (Viewed 59 times)

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    I understand and fully respect your opinion. But you seemed to focus more on Frank receiving powers and less on the fact that the rest of the human race is on a fast track as well.

    Logically, Frank would need to jump on the bandwagon himself so he can continue his war. He is a soldier first and foremost, and becoming a transhuman with the vast population of the United States and several other countries is just another weapon at his disposal.

But isnt this really the very basis of the current debate? That working in a city and a world overflowing with super people, Frank Castle is already out of his depth?

The point I would make is that regardless as to whether Frank lived in a place with dozens of super powered people or thousands of super powered people, I'm just not sure that it would be in his character to try and supe himself up just so he could continue to compete on a level playing field.

The mans tenacity, not to mention his stubborness are incredible and despite the fact that in principle at least his foes have been outclassing him for years Frank has never fealt the desire to get a boost to bring him up to speed with them other than perhaps a bigger and better gun and a better plan.

When faced with the 'insumountable' - be that being faced with Spider-man, Wolverine and Daredevil all at the same time as he once was or in your case being faced with a world where even the bog standard crooks have super powers, Franks attitude has always been to find a weakness and really if he had a 'super power' it would be that he almost always does.

    After all, in this fanfic I can't have a 72 year old Frank fighting (the initial) abuse of this next stop in evolution against common thugs that are now essentially at the same level Batman or Captain America is, and beyond.

True enough a 72 year old Frank is perhaps a little too old, although I would love to see a Frank like Clint Eastwoods character Kowalski from 'Gran Torino' who despite not being physically able to compete against his enemies still managed to find a way to take them down even though it meant his own sacrifice in the end. Thats Franks kind of thinking.

    Frank Castle, secretly or no, knew his war would never end. He is, for lack of a better word, a junkie. What happens when the supply of criminals starts declining so much that not only he, but all peacekeeprs now have to look at their lives?

Well the Frank Castle I know if he genuinely found himself in a world with no criminals to hunt would probably just die in his sleep or put a gun in his mouth. That said even in a so called 'utopia' I doubt there could ever really be a complete lack of evil - there will always be someone who needs punishing.

Another thing that only occurred to me after I posted yesterday was the issue of Frank Castle and relationships.

You mention a relationship with X-23 but my thoughts regarded the fact that I'm not sure that Frank Castle could continue being the Punisher if he were actually committed and happy to any degree in a relationship with anyone.

One of the reason that Frank is so successful as the Punisher is firstly because it was the loss of everything he loves that drove him to it and secondly because it is the absence of anything worth loving that allows him to hate so much.

If Frank suddenly found something that could genuinely replace what he had lost even to a degree - a meaningful and loving relationship - then I dont think the Punisher could exist at all because he would no longer have the motivation or be able to give the role his full focus. He wouldnt have a reason to be.

I genuinely believe that this is why apart from a few brief sexual encounters Frank Castle has never had a meaningful or long lasting relationship with anyone since his wife was killed, because he cant.

Take yourself back to page 1 of the Punishers War Journel: "Frank Castle is dead, call me the Punisher..." The two just cant occupy the same space.

I agree with you on all points, actually.

The reason I want to do this story, and bear with me here (I cut my finger so I have to limit my typing). It's a challenge to stick Frank Castle in a situation like that.

Basically the beginning of the plot shows a defiant Clint Eastwood-styled Frank Castle (but bigger, like Clint meets Arnold), who is grizzled as hell and has almost a full white beard and long wild hair (he has clearly been on the run and the move for awhile). He encounters the first group of enhanced humans. Now these guys aren't exactly mutants. They are almost a step in-between. In fact I should correct myself by saying they are slightly below Captain America's level. Now the people who have the ability to give this to all humans everywhere don't want that. They want a super-army, and part of that is enhancing humans and getting rid of superheroes and making mutants a footnote. In this timeline mutants have slowly been increasing their population, not by much, but baby steps.

Frank Castle tracks these men down and who does he find but X-23 there. They mention a brief encounter in the past and size each other up. Here I end the idea of a pointless fight and have them almost parody a conversation about that. Then Frank remarks that she is far more reasonable than Wolverine (The irony of course being X-23 is a programmed killer much like Frank, hence the relatability).

As the story progresses eventually Frank gets severely injured. X-23, who has now developed feelings for him, and not quite knowing what to do, injects him with a dose of this transhuman formula. It's diluted, but it works. Frank's wounds heal, some of his grey hair turns more black, a few newer scars heal. Frank at first is very hesitant to what had just happened. As I flesh the story out and let it progress I want Frank to be offered a concentrated dose of it. One that would make him vastly more powerful than almost any known mutant. This is a chance for Frank to seize the ultimate weapon and he can finally wage his war on his terms against the big hitters. But we both know Frank isn't anyone's puppet. But at this point, can Frank afford to turn it down? And what will X-23 do during all of this? What other characters will I use?

I have no idea, but the story is starting to take form in my mind and slowly becoming more cohesive. Thank you for the advice, let me know of what you think of it now. I'm fully willing accept other ideas as well, this story is very fluid for me right now. As well as any critique, again pardon my spelling and grammer, I'm writing this with almost one hand right now.

PS: I'm also thinking of writing a short story where Frank has a brief crossover with Machete. I think he should go after the Mexican Cartel in a story soon anyway, they've killed 28,000 of their own people and they are in need of serious Punishment. So far Frank's gotten the Russians, Chinese, Japanese, Irish, and Italians, but not many Mexican Mafia, he even did white supremecists and has done normal 'bangers. So I think it's their turn, and Machete is just the man to point Frank in the right direction \:D

EDIT: Keep in mind that Frank in his first "transformation into transhumanism" would be below that of the majority of soldiers and others getting it, its a diluted version. Almost like Nick Fury's formula that keeps him from aging. What this does is, yes, it is a plot device to keep Frank ticking and going with the body of an olympic level athlete at 72-300+ (allowing for future tales far into the future, same Frank, different timeline, waging the same war). What I like about this idea is we've had humans vs mutants before. What this does is give humans the ability to say "we'll force our own evolution, become better than you, we shall no longer envy or fear you." This is of course an ignorant opinion, but one that would likely be held in many corners of the planet. And many organizations would back it. Who wouldn't want the ability to become as powerful or nearly as powerful as Captain America?
All you need is 20,000,000 or so and you're good to go.

Frank would be able to throw toes with these guys, but it would be his experience, his core of who he is that keeps him going. No super healing factor, none of that. This is simply an alternate Earth where humans and mutants have to take the next step together. And Frank is there to clean up the mess. I want to keep his character at his core, not dependent on pills, or angel-coats, or any of that. Just him progressing with the times just enough to keep up his war. He is still an old-school hardcore mutha futha in a brave new world. Aldus Huxley style, foo \:P

So I hope I got some of my vision across. This isn't yet another attempt tp add powers to frank. It's an attempt to tell my story and political views of transhumanism and mutants, genocide, and all the other strange and nasties that the future might hold for us behind the eyes of my favorite character. And I want to make sure it's a right most people can enjoy. \:\)

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