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Subj: Re: I'd like an opinion on an idea I have for a fanfic involving Frank Castle, and X-23
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Reply Subj: Re: I'd like an opinion on an idea I have for a fanfic involving Frank Castle, and X-23
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Here is a brief summary of the prologue done in a Punisher War Journal format:

Punisher War Journal entry 1792 *approximated from him having an entry every few days for the past 50 years since 1974*

Ten years, ten years planning, waiting for this moment. Waiting to avenge a man who was long my rival, a man who was far better than I am.

Ten years ago Wilson Fisk, Bullseye and his sadistic girlfriend Lady Bullseye killed one of the bravest men I've ever known. Even though I hated the bastard, he did a lot more good than I realized. Matt Murdock never gave up an inch, despite being in his 50s he was as quick as ever. What he didn't count on was was exactly what he should have expected. It's not his fault though, it's mine. Three weeks before falling into the trap that would be his demise I had cornered and killed off most of the Bullseye assassin organization. Which was starting to rival that of varying leagues of Assassins and even whispers of them causing fear deep in the ranks of the Hand. I went at them hard.

Bullseye and I had a long history. A few years before all of this when Wilson Fisk rose to power he took a shot at me, I was his only failure to date. Later he took a shot at Daredevil and ended up killing another world class assassin, a greek named Nachios, Elektra. Heard tell she came back, but I don't put much weight in that, despite me having faked my own death once before. An irony that will be lost on me shortly here.
Turns out it was all a setup, I cornered what I thought to be Lady Bullseye and Bullseye himself. Close quarters I was next-to-fucked, but I had planned ahead, chasing them into a dead-end street that I had happened to place a local nerve-toxin explosive device nearby. I took a knife to the shoulder before I managed to press my thumb. They really had me fooled. These imposters were good, too good.

Flash forward three years and I get a phone call saying that Matt Murdock has 46 minutes and counting to live. Spider-Man got a card just like mine. Why they had chosen us is something that made a whole 'lotta sense later on. Just not right then. By the time the bug-boy and I crossed paths he had received another call, this time it was someone close to him, screaming in pain, dying. He did what anyone would have done, he raced home, too late, but he did it anyway. I continued forth, I suppose I was the underdog, pushing 66 years old. I had no back-up, no plan so to speak, which is the exact situation that rarely happens to me.

I made my way to the warehouse, the hairs on my neck were already stiff. In the darkness I could make out a limp figure tied to a chair, I could smell the blood from here. I decided that this was enough of me playing possum and I finally released my arsenal. Two of the world's top marksmen were in the immediate area and my only ally was blind, what was an old shooter to do other than release a super-concentrated flashbang while wearing compensated contacts and earplugs?
As the warehouse lit up what I saw was unexpected, just Matt Murdock, dead. Throat slit, and disemboweled. No Bullseyes, no Kingpin.

Later I heard they had done the same to Foggy Nelson, Mary Jane Parker, May Parker, and a low-level thief/vigilante named Felisha/Black Cat.

Before I knew it every safe-house I had in the city was blown. Men were chasing me that were far faster than any hand ninja or or special ops unit I've come across. Cat and mouse ensued and I spent the next two months in the sewers and tunnels of Manhatten. Luck, experience, and knowledge saved me then. Eventually I decided to go on the offensive, with only a few munitions, a right-leg quickly going south, and a world of hurt to share with this new organization that has succeeded in wiping out an entire generation of street-warriors.

Luckily for me help would come in the form of an eccentric billionaire and a wise, but slightly crazy master of all martial arts and Kung Fu...

I'm working on scripting this as the first chapter, adding lots of action scenes, etc. This will lead on into the downfall of many of the great street-level superheroes and the inevitable rise and need for Frank Castle's brand of justice. I don't plan on killing all of the Marvel Knights gang off. But I don't want to reveal who will survive, as I'm not entirely sure yet! I've decided that on top of some new femme fatalle meat in X-23 (as well as a Wolverine cameo) that we need some old school in an aging-yet-still-hot Black Widow. So I'm working on fleshing out chapter on, and two. This is just giving you an idea of what I've been thinking of on and off all night.

Managed to get in another 5,000 words today. I really feel like I'm on a roll! From now on I won't be revealing any more of the story except to those who want to partake in it a little bit (and get credit, of course, I am going to be searching for some artists too.) If ANYONE wants to draw me a picture of Frank Castle at 72 here is my description. As I said earlier, I'm disabled and unepmployed, however. I will make my promise to you that if you comission me a good picture I WILL find a to pay you for it, even if it takes me past January to do it.

Frank Castle:

72 years old, but think how in hot rods of death how his 'nam buddy commented on how Frank at 60-62 (we aren't too clear on that are we?) looks damn near 45. Well the past ten years have added a lot more stress lines to Frank, and in keeping to the tone of the story. I want him to look so grizzled, yet still sexy (to women like O'brien or women who like super manly-men in the sense they are hairy and big).

He will have an approx. 4 inch scar running up the right side of his cheek right into his lips. Someone attempted to carve a smile in Frank. I want his normal extremely intimidating bad-boy frown to contrast this.
He has wild hair to his shoulders (much to his dismay), his widow's peak is marred by a slight scar that cuts across his skull (the one mentioned earlier) and sort of parts his hair ever-so-slightly in a diagonal from his right ear to the widow's peak. I don't want it to part his hair too much, he still has a full head of hair minus some recession (think the way Frank looked in Up is Down, Black is White.) So basically the scar starts from the very top of his forehead (where it is most visable) runs along the widows peak, curves back towards his ear. As if someone had tried to slice through his skull into his brain, and it dug deep, but not deep enough.


Shirt-off, or in tatters. Visably I want a four-pack to be showing, no longer a six-pack. With what looks to be a huge gun-wound that has healed into a gruesome scar that makes his four-pack and stomach look like hamburger in some places, and perfectly fine in others.

His forearms are still big and veiny. His biceps are 18.5 inches (which is what mine were when I was boxing. Not enough to slow you down, but enough to make you strong enough to life 350+ lbs). His shoulders on the other hand should look slightly over-sized. From a life-time of humping the boonies with 50+ lbs of gear, carrying men both struggling, limp and dead. And to show that on top of him naturally keeping in shape, he was born with the genes of an Ox.
Research Jim Jefferies (old, old-school boxer, first super-heavyweight, ever, imo). That is the body I imagine Frank Castle having in his prime. Now, he is still very close to that, but he is starting to feel the weight of age. So add a slight hunch. He has after all, suffered his share of nasty falls and slipped-disks.

Now I want him to be wearing combat pants. On his knees I want to see a knee-brace that looks like something he stole outta Tony Stark or Dr. Doom's lab. Very metalic looking, with a Punisher-skull painted on it. These allow him to absorb impact from very high falls, and keep what's left of his cartilidge in place.

This frank should look like a mixture of Frank from the cover of MU VS Punisher #4 (which is almost Conan-ey) and Frank from The End. But with far more wear'n'tear than either looks they had in those.

Basically this Frank should look like a chizzled-statue that has been chipped at. Like his recent encounter with Jason Aaron's work, which he touched upon Frank living with constant discomfort (as a disabled martial artist I know how it feels). But I want it to be the point here to where even his stoic face is showing signs of physical pain in his eyes and scowl. Frank has to look haggard, yet tough, worn, yet ready to eat a bowel of rusty nails and wrestle an ox. At least thats the "air" he gives about him.

This picture should illustrate everything that Frank is as an old war horse. While showing the inevitability of his own humanity, and his willingness to continue. Also, it should hint (in the knee-pads) that he WILL do what it takes to keep fighting. His body is a weapon, as he said. He maintains it like any other weapon. When a weapon is damaged it gets new parts. That is what this is heading to.

IF someone would like to do this for me I would be forever grateful. And if it is the kind of quality I'm looking for I give you my word that I will make it worth your effort in the long run. Also, if you do it I have Post-injection Frank. Which will show him with less scaring, his old hair style, and less scaring and he will actually weight a little less, looking more agile. Plus I want him to be wearing a uniform that is a mixture of the trenchcoat unfirom the classic one, and the uniform they used in the new Universal Soldier Movie (or the body armor suit from Batman Begins, with a his skull on the chest, instead \:D . Althoug hit shouldn't look like a rip-off, add your own flare to it!) I don't want him flying around in War Machine armor or Stark armor (although he might have a stint doing that in the future, in this 'verse). But armor that shows he is ready to wage total war. And honestly, if you were a brilliant tactician like Frank is, why wouldn't you get your hands on the most flexible/durable armor possible?

Anyone down to tackle at least one pic for me? Like I said, if it's good enough and this story takes off like I hope it does. It could be good for both of us, plus I vow to pay for it when I can, or return the favor somehow. IF you are in Salt Lake City, we can work something out for sure.

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