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Subj: Finally Marvel 'gets it'... supporting solo books with team books...
Posted: Wed Sep 22, 2010 at 12:12:27 am EDT (Viewed 148 times)
Reply Subj: Just the same few heroes...?
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So, with the announcement of the new Heroes for Hire...even though itll be a rotating cast...the core is going to be Iron Fist (New Avengers still?), Moonknight and Black Widow (Secret Avengers).

We all know that Wolvie is in 17 titles a month (exaggerated, but not much) because he = sales. Same with Spiderman. But with Iron Fist, Thing and Luke Cage doing double duty and Hawkeye, Moon Knight and Black Widow doing triple duty...are there any benefits to B-listers being on multiple teams? Is it an attempt togive them a fan base? Any thoughts?

I am stoked, I have been a fan of this concept for a while... all these characters (Punisher, Moon Knight, Shroud, Elektra, Paladin, Silver Sable, Ghost Rider, Iron Fist, Falcon, Misty Knight) either have or had their own on-going or mini or were a core character in a team book. As second-tier characters, they struggled to gain or maintain a big enough audience to keep a book going...

...but this concept could be the launch-pad to more on-goings minis for these characters... (and obviously a tie-in to those that have existing solo books...)

To me, this is going back to the future... think about it... take the Avengers and the Defenders...

Avengers first started as the grouping of the characters that had their own solo books (Iron-man, Thor, Hulk, Pym... and Cap)... those that read their solos wouldnt be able to resist the urge to check out the team book... which would have introduced them to the other characters, which may then lead to buying the other solo's

The new additions of Hawkeye, SW/QS didn't have solos, but were regulars in other on-goings... so again, those that had read x-men and knew of the brotherhood, would have been made curious about Avengers... of course it doesnt fit in every case, but the most successful / long running ones have usually started somewhere else

What about Defenders... that started at the end of (IIRC) Dr Strange, Surfer, Subby and possibly Hulks ongoings... instead of making 4 books, they made one, that could attract interest from 4 different sources... and again, a lot of future characters came from other teams of had their own series

The Xmen - sort of worked in reverse... the team book launched many other teams... and heaps of mini's and a few on-goings... most of the main xmen have had their own mini's, and a good number have attempted ongoings... and of course there is WolverTeam.

I would love to see a DEFENDERS relaunched with a 'mystical' or 'Supernatural' aspect, and unite all the magic-based characters (generally)... Yes, I would even call it 'Mystical Defenders'... Strange, Hellstorm, Voodoo, Satanna... even Ghost Rider, posibly Druid, Scarlet Witch, Magick, Werewolf, Morbius or some Gods as well like Valkyrie and Sersi... ok, i havent put much thought into the actual groupings... but the point being... there are a heap of mystical and supernatural characters that have had difficulty sustaining an on-going... so why not make a Team... (something Defender-y) and use the team as the launch-pad / umbrella for that genre...

These are just some rough ideas... but I must say, I really love this concept... I wish it every success, and if it goes well... I hope they explore other sub-genres


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