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    So, with the announcement of the new Heroes for Hire...even though itll be a rotating cast...the core is going to be Iron Fist (New Avengers still?), Moonknight and Black Widow (Secret Avengers).

Where was it announced that they would be the core? DnA mention that there will be controllers for the team but haven't mentioned who that is, assumingly Iron Fist at least.

    We all know that Wolvie is in 17 titles a month (exaggerated, but not much) because he = sales. Same with Spiderman. But with Iron Fist, Thing and Luke Cage doing double duty and Hawkeye, Moon Knight and Black Widow doing triple duty...are there any benefits to B-listers being on multiple teams? Is it an attempt togive them a fan base? Any thoughts?

Well in this case sales means that the fans want the character appearing in those books. And let's not forget that the main reason why any character is in a book is because the creative and editorial teams want the character there. So even though Wolverine has two ongoings, is on two Avengers teams, is on multiple X-teams, and has other appearances, Gischler probably puts such a focus on Wolverine in his first X-Men story because he wants to do that.

Back to the idea behind the post, I have no problem with having characters in more than one book. There are obvious benefits to this such as exposure, increase in sales, and the chance of cross-pollinating readers.

But I think a huge problem that Marvel is experiencing is that they aren't investing in their characters and in return neither are the fans. Why should I invest in a new or C-list character if I know they have no future in terms of monthly appearances? Echo is a great example. She was a regular member in the most popular title with New Avengers, then all of a sudden she leaves the book without an explanation and hasn't made an appearance since. Warpath was a central character in the popular X-Force title, then all of a sudden isn't making any monthly appearances. And there are countless other examples.

To give some solutions:

- Create long term plans for their characters and have alternate paths for the various options.

- Limit the number of characters you are trying to promote at any given time. If a series isn't going to last 12 issues, it's not worth it to create an ongoing series. So instead of pissing off Black Widow fans for cancelling her title, fans will know going in that it's just a 6 issue story. There's probably over 200 regular characters in any given month that Marvel has appearing in their titles, and that's too many to keep track of let alone be interested in. Maybe instead of Valkyre in Secret Avengers, you give that spot to the Falcon who already is in Captain America.

- Take advantage of team lineups with respect to solo ongoings. A general rule should be that ever solo ongoing should have it's main character in a team. Of course there would be exceptions such as the Punisher, Daken, the Hulk, Daredevil, and so, characters that don't work well with teams. As long as Black Widow has an ongoing, she should be in an Avengers team. Nova should have been in the Guardians of the Galaxy. Similarly, every title should have at least one main character that can help carry a title.

I have to agree about the 'feature characters disappearing without a trace / explanation'... that has to be my single BIGGEST pet peeve, and a major contributing factor for be not picking up some books..

Take Avengers Academy for example, which i refuse to buy... I LOVED Avengers Initiative... possibly more so than New or Mighty... I was initially a bit miffed Initiative introduced NEW characters... cos I felt there were plenty existing ones that would fit and could use some lovin... there was a smattering of new an old... so it seemed to work..

But then 'Academy' comes along to replace Initiative... and wha... they are basically new characters... only a small team... and only ones that might potentially 'go bad'... I just dont get it / it just doesnt appeal to me... so all those characters introduced in AI... what happened to them..? What about the need for ALL new heroes to get training... why stop at these six? What about the Young Avengers needing training... and other new heroes.. Young Allies, Secret Warriors, etc

I feel like i got tricked into 'investing emotionally' in the AI characters.... and now they gone with barely a goodbye... and they expect me to invest in these new one?? How can I when every indication is that they will be discarded and forgotten when next creative teams or big rearrangement happens...

As I mentioned at the start... I was already skeptical about AI in the beginning, cos I had been burnt before... and what they did between AI and AA... well... ya cant fool me twice...

It all comes down to... If Marvel doesnt care... then why the heck SHOULD I..?


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