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Subj: Re: Finally Marvel 'gets it'... supporting solo books with team books...
Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 at 09:50:10 am EDT (Viewed 9 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Finally Marvel 'gets it'... supporting solo books with team books...
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    This was partially done with the Midnight Sons about a year and a half ago in Marvel Zombies 4. The team consisted of Morbius, Werewolf by Night, Jennifer Kale, Simon Garth(Zombie)and Hellstorm. They operated under A.R.M.O.R which stands for Alternate Reality Monitoring and Operational Response. I thought it had a lot of potential since they were dealing with a part of the Marvel Universe that gets neglected(The Supernatural). I guess the mini didn't do to well so this concept wasn't followed up on in another mini. Unfortunately in today's market a series like this wouldn't make it before being canceled by Marvel.

No, the idea that we are proposing would be to put the supernatural "A-listers" on a team together. So instead of putting characters with little popularity on the team (Kale, Zombie, etc), you put the characters with more popularity on the team (Ghost Rider, Strange, Blade, Moon Knight, etc). It's never been done with the supernatural characters before. Midnight Sons in the 90s came close to this idea.
It would be a supernatural version of the New Avengers, take the most popular supernatural characters and put them on a team.

The idea is that solo ongoings with Moon Knight, Blade, Strange, Ghost Rider, and other supernatural characters are only able to sell 20K a month. But if you have a team title featuring those characters, you might sell 40K or so. That's the difference between cancellation.

Thats why I said it was partially done recently by Marvel. The only difference is that they didn't use any marquee characters like the ones you mentioned. Maybe if you add Strange, Blade, and Ghost Rider to the Hellstorm, Morbius, WW by night combo you might have something. Throw in Doctor Voodoo from time to time as well. After all every team needs their Ant-Man's, Wasps, Visions etc. I know I would support it. Though why not just have Strange reform the Defenders with that lineup? The name Defenders does at least have name recognition as compared to "Midnight Sons" or "Night Shift. The Defenders with the line up of Strange, Hellstorm, Hellcat, DevilSlayer, and Gargoyle fought primarily supernatural menaces back in the 80's. Dormammu, Mephisto, Satanish, and the Six fingered Hand were some of the foes they faced.

However I think the only chance it would have of surviving is a high profile writer (Hickman, Fraction, Bru or Bendis) and a hot artist. Hickman would be my choice for this type of team with art by Deodoto. Maybe have the team meet up in a major event then lead into a 5 issue mini and if it does well then a regular series.

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