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    Judging not the amount of work, but the quality of the body of work they did, do you think the follwing writers & artists did better work for Marvel or for DC? And why?

    Jack Kirby
    Hands down. His Marvel work in the 60s remains unsurpassed

    Steve Englehart
    Although I loved his Batmans with Marshall Rogers, his best work was on Marvels Avengers

    Keith Giffin
    I prefer his DC work over Marvel. His Legion was classic

    Geoff Johns
    DC. His Avengers pales to his JSA and Flash runs

    Jim Lee
    Marvel. Best X-Men artist since Byrne left the series.

    Roy Thomas
    DC, his Golden Age stuff is superior to even his run on Avengers

    George Perez
    A tough one. I guess DC since he made the Teen Titans cool.

    The Kubert Brothers
    Marvel. They made me forget who Jim Lee was in the 90s

    Jim Starlin
    Marvel. Adam Warlock, Thanos & Captain Mar-Vell rule over OMAC

    John Byrne
    Marvel. Although he made Superman cool again for the first time. His FF run has yet to be surpassed

    Neal Adams
    DC, even though his X-Men issues are some of my all-time favorites, I'd still read Green Lantern/Green Arrow first

    Walt Simonson
    Marvel. Thor was kick asgardian hands down

    Louise Simonson
    Marvel. Enjoyed her Superman stuff, but X-Factor & Power Pack were better

    Roger Stern
    DC. Hey he made the Will Payton Starman a hero of my hometown. That trumps his Spidey & Avengers work right there

    Marv Wolfman
    Marvel. NOVA. Nuff said

    Frank Miller
    Another tough one. Dark Knight or Elektra...gotta go with Marvel

    *and remember there are no right or wrong answers...just right opinions*

Kirby's 60s Marvel work was the best in his career, IMO. He may have had more creative freedom in the 1970s, but his artwork suffered without the inkers he had at Marvel and the characters he created at DC and later suffered without a foil such as Stan Lee or Joe Simon.

Englehart's best work was at Marvel, but it was his Captain America work which was his best (the 50s Cap, Nomad and the Secret Empire series).

Giffen's best work was his early LSH work at DC, followed by his work in the Anniliation series for Marvel. His JLI work was bad comedy, which resulted in the eventual killing off of the Ted Kord Blue Beetle.

I agree with you about Johns, although I'd loved to see him have a longer Avengers run. Maybe if he had, we'd been spared "Diassembled" and "Civil War".

Lee's best work was X-Men. His DC work has suffered because of his corporate responsibilities.

Perez: New Teen Titans, although his later Avengers work was great, too.

The Kubert Brothers' best work was at Marvel, basically since they didn't have their father's shadow to follow as they did at DC. Although, I'd loved to have seen a Sgt. Rock story by them with or without their father.

Starlin: The Death of Captain Marvel alone beats his DC work.

Byrne: His X-Men work along with Claremont redefined them. His FF run was the second-best to Lee/Kirby.

Adams' Batman work, GL/GA and Deadman remain a standard for younger artists to follow.

Both Simonsons' best work was at Marvel as you said. Walt's Thor and Louise's Power Pack were among, or in her case, their respective series' peaks.

Stern's been good wherever he's went, but his Cap run with Byrne stood out as his best work. The Machinesmith story, the Baron Blood story, Cap for President and the origin story, which combined three different Cap origins and filled in the gaps of the Simon/Kirby early issues smoothly, were all good-to-great.

Wolfman's Tomb of Dracula and New Teen Titans tied, though the latter series got mired down in the endless Brother Blood saga and suffered without Perez. I'd go with his Marvel work, including Spider-Man.

Miller's Daredevil work goes over his Dark Knight work, because the former redefined the character. Also, his attitude towards Denny O'Neill, a great writer and the guy who gave him his big break as an artist and writer, is deplorable.

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