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Subj: Re: The grass is always greener on the other side of the comic rack...
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Judging not the amount of work, but the quality of the body of work they did, do you think the follwing writers & artists did better work for Marvel or for DC? And why?

Jack Kirby
Steve Englehart
Keith Giffin
Geoff Johns
Roy Thomas
George Perez
The Kubert Brothers
Jim Starlin
John Byrne
Jim Lee
Neal Adams
Chris Claremont
Walt Simonson
Louise Simonson
Roger Stern
Marv Wolfman
Frank Miller

*and remember there are no right or wrong answers...just right opinions*

Jack Kirby - Hard one. I'm going with DC based on the fact that Kirby's solo stuff there is better integrated. Darkseid really puts him over the top.

Steve Englehart - Another hard one... Englehart's runs at both companies are my favorites in those titles EVER. I'm going to go DC solely because Marvel's had a bad habit of kneecapping Englehart's runs while DC has mostly let him finish, although they jumped on the bandwagon for his excellent GLC. (DC Editorial in the late 80s-90s apparently hated me PERSONALLY on the GL books.)

Keith Giffin - While I love his Defenders, his JLI is much better. Plus, y'know, Ambush Bug. \:\)

Geoff Johns - Johns' Avengers had none of the fun of his AWESOME JSA, Green Lantern, and Hawkman runs.

Roy Thomas - Great stuff at both companies, but his Conan and Avengers at Marvel simply outclass his All-Star Squadron, due to CRISIS destroying that title.

George Perez - I like his Marvel stuff better, although I appreciate his JLA run. Hard call, though.

The Kubert Brothers - I actually had no idea they HAD DC stuff...

Jim Starlin - His Marvel stuff is eons above his DC, although his original Mongul and Batman work amuses me. That said, thank God someone stopped him before he could revamp Hawkman again! Now if only the New Gods could get a restraining order against him... \:\)

John Byrne - His Marvel stuff's lots better... classic even. Much as I like businessman Luthor and all, his FF and Alpha Flight blow it out of the water.

Jim Lee - His DC stuff works better for me... he's really grown as an artist since the 90s.

Neal Adams - Hard call, but his DC stuff seems more iconic to me. But his stuff during the Kree-Skrull war was magnificent.

Chris Claremont - Marvel, in that his original X-Men stuff's great, and the only DC stuff I've seen was his horrifically bad JLA arc.

Walt Simonson - Marvel... his Thor run's the pinnacle of comics for me, whereas at DC, he hasn't clicked as well. I COULD just be bitter someone changed the Hawk title to HawkGIRL and focused it on that awful Kendra as soon as he got onboard though.

Louise Simonson - For some odd reason, I actually can't place a single DC thing she's ever done...

Roger Stern - Really hard call, but I'm going with Marvel on the strength of his Avengers, Dr. Strange, and Spider-Man.

Marv Wolfman - His Titans started great and then went downhill by far, but since I can't actually place anything he did at Marvel nearly as good...

Frank Miller - Marvel. His Daredevil run shows his storytelling strengths way better than self-contained projects.