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Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 at 04:02:45 am EST (Viewed 109 times)
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    Maybe its just me...but do you think that you can guess which universes a character is from based upon the name? Sure some are questionable, e.g. name of animal-man, but others seem pretty delineated. At least on the DC side.

It's interesting to see the evolution of superhero codenames since the 1930s. During the Golden Age, there was a reoccuring order for the code names which was adjective+noun. Examples were Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, Captain America, Human Torch, and so on.

After the Golden Age came a period where most of those characters fell out of popularity in the later 40s and 50s. With the Silver Age, some of those older characters were brought back, revamped into new characters, and the order for codenames was repeated in order to show similarities to the golden age versions. So here we got Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, the Silver Surfer, etc.

With the Bronze Age, we started to see a new order coming, where codenames were just nouns. Examples would include things like Hellstorm, Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, Nightwing, etc.

With the 00s, we started seeing really the absence of codenames all together, and superheroes just going by their real names or some variation of their names. Jenny Sparks, Pete Wisdom, Johnny Blaze (a revamp), X-23, Daken, etc.

Now of course there alot of times when these orders would appear earlier or later. Cyclops would fit into the one noun order yet appeared in the 60s. Luke Cage was basically using a real name yet appeared in the 70s.

It's also important to remember that the names used are often meant to have the character associated with certain periods. A new character called Bloodpak is probably something you would expect from the 80s and 90s. A new character called Silver Bullet is something you would expect from a golden or silver age character.

    Basically I guess I'm asking, could any of Flash's Rouges show up in the current Marvel-verse and be taken seriously? I just think that the names Captain Cold and Weather Wizard are..I dunno...too campy for Marvel? Maybe its Marvel taking itself too seriously?

Sure. Captain Cold is no worse than Doctor Octopus. But Marvel has a lot of campy superhero/villain names. Mr. Negative is a fairly recent name that I think fits.

I think part of the reason you are seeing this is because DC is constantly revamping their golden and silver age characters, meaning that they are reusing their names as well. So even their new characters have silver/golden age type codenames.

One other thing I thought I would mention is that has anyone ever thought that Marvel and DC have titles and words that are clearly associated with one and not the other?

For Marvel you have words like Uncanny, Incredible, Amazing, Mighty, New, Saga, Wars.

For Dc you have words like Action, Adventure, Crisis, Year, Returns.

Though I enjoy both Marvel and DC comics I always thought DC names for villains are often more campy and less threatening than marvel ones. Note: this does NOT apply to all villains, but many. I also dislike DC's habit of using boy, kid, lad, etc. on their teen characters. It makes them seem more juvenile and does not feel like a name someomne of that age would pick.

DC also takes the cake for having the only villain name I felt was just plain wrong. Using Amos Fortune, the name of a slave who bought his own freedom and became a successful business man in a town near where I live for a gambling villain. That name applied to a villain actually felt distasteful to read for some reason I cannot quite place. It's not quite overtly prejudice in itself but just felt wrong for reasons i cannot place.

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