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Subj: well that's YOUR opinion
Posted: Fri Nov 26, 2010 at 07:56:53 am EST (Viewed 17 times)
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    first of all the original Vision is NOT and android and I think he is a very intriguing charecter that can add a lot for ANY team.

    now, the orgiginal torch is an artificial human and not a robot that wants to be human. he IS human.

I never said that the Golden Age vision was an android. Saying a character is intriguing and can add alot to a title/team is non-descriptive and could really be said about any character. It's opinion based and would depend on the execution of the usage.

The original Torch is an android, meaning he is a robot that looks human. Creators have gone back and forth on whether he is made from organic or inorganic material. The Silver Age Vision originally had a modified version of the Torch's body, but the Vision has always been made of inorganic material. Now I think the Torch is made of synthetic Horton cells which are suppose to mimic human cells. I'm guessing that this was all done recently to make the Torch more relateable to readers.

    spitfire is a much better charecter then Quicksilver who was never realy a team player and most pepole hate him. and we can realy use anither strong woman on the team.

Again, opinion based since whether a character is better will come down to the person. It's clear that Quicksilver is much more popular so I'm guessing he is going to be much more likely to be used in a title. Who are the people that hate Quicksilver? Fans obviously don't, and if you are referring to other characters well that just makes the character's relationship with other heroes more unique and perhaps better.

Most of the Avengers teams have a good number of female characters (SA = Black Widow, Sharon Carter, Valkryie; NA= Mockingbird, Jewel, Ms. Marvel, Victoria Hand; A= Maria Hill, Spider-Woman). And again, I think if you are bringing a new female character into any of those teams I can think of much better choices than Spitfire. Personally I'd rather see characters like Echo, Photon, She-Hulk, Wasp, and the Scarlet Witch.

Now it's clear to see that you are a fan of these Invaders characters, but I don't think they deserve a spot in any regular title now.

my so called opinion abour quicksilver is based on 30 years of reading comics , some of them with him in it. he was NEVER popular not with the readers (his only series was canceled so fast even he couldn't remember it ever existed) good writers tries to make him interesting but never realy did. even his powers are not impressive enough (not fast as a speedster should, always get his a$$ kicked first, going from good to bad on a weam, arrogant without anything to back it up) never cling to a costume for too long. well you can see my point. now spitfire has a lot of untapped potencial that can benefit the Avengers that has only on powered female (spider woman) and bendis can do anything with her without destroying continunity as he use to do.

now the torch is a VERY diffrent charecter then Vision, sure they are both artificial beings but Thor and Hercules are both gods but so diffrent, so are wolverine and cyclops. and all has a place in the MU.

they will not take other charecter place they will only ad to the mix.
and remember at the core all charecter are good if written right (even pietro, it's just harder in his case).

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