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Subj: In Defense of Spitfire
Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 at 12:11:05 am EST (Viewed 98 times)
Reply Subj: Re: not realy
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    Having a number of appearances and exposes suggest that the readers want to read about him.

With respect, in my opinion that's the opposite of what it means. What it means is that a writer pitched to the editor; it doesn't necessarily mean that there is what we might call "fan demand" (as in the oft-spouted and rarely true "Because YOU demanded it!"). Quicksilver is about as old as I am (the poor bastard), and while he's a personal favorite of mine (I am a sucker for any of the Kooky Quartet plus two), he's never been very popular as a character since his martial problems (early 1980's?).

If he was popular with the fans, the sales on his appearances would have led to non-event tie in LS, and strong sales would have resulted in an ongoing series. But the character has been in limbo on and off for decades.

    If a character isn't popular, he isn't going to be making numerous appearances.

Sure he is. The Squadron Supreme are a perfect example; historically, they were Mark Gruenwald's love child (children?). They appeared in pretty much everything he wrote, sooner or later. He approved a graphic novel, and a LS. And since his sad departure (R.I.P. to one of my favorite writer/editors of all time), nobody has touched them until they were re-invented out of recognition. Gruenwald's SS have become a footnote in MU-616 history, regardless of their niche appeal (that same 45-year old demographic you mentioned).

    The reason people make Quicksilver action figures is because they think it will sell, and the reason they don't make Spitfire ones is because they don't think those would sell.

The reason toy makers make action figures is to sell product - when I managed Kiddie World Toys in college, I got pretty good at seeing which SCU were there to round out a set, and which ones weren't. For example, the April Jones action figures in the TNMT sets always sold out, but almost never to kids - they were bought because most series sets included one female, and packed them one out of twelve (usually half of a case of 24 were the main character, the other half were the other parts of the series, and two would be the female figure - or obscure aliens in the ST:TNG sets, or whatever).

The reason nobody made a Spitfire figure is that the Invaders were never licensed for a toy line focus. This might change after the CA movie and its WWII presence.

    I have said nothing about whether I like or dislike the character. He seems to be capable of having stories told about him, something Spitfire cannot apparently do based on past history.

Well, OK, but lets compare apples to apples - Quicksilver is a single character, and Spitfire has always been presented as part of the Invaders franchise. She has - what? - half the exposure, and was never part of a major Marvel franchise. Small wonder nobody has ever made an action figure of her - she'd be the "Tigra" of the set in any case.

    It's not a fact that the 90s Quicksilver series was bad, it's an opinion of yours. Never read it so I can't opine.

I share the opinion that it stank on ice; and I AM a fan of Quicksilver! *grins*

    Son of M sold very highly given what it was.

Not at our local stores - it sold very poorly, for what it was (an event tie-in). Its sales appeal was as a tie-in for mutant enthusiasts and completists, for the most part. Of course, neither of us are quoting the Diamond sales figures, and comparing them to the other House of M tie-ins or LS tie-ins for other event comics, but hey... my point is that my data (subjective) is just as valid as yours (subjective); we just happen to have had different experiences.

    While I'm sure part of the appeal of Quicksilver is his family connections in Wanda and Magneto, but how many Spitfire stories can you really name without Union Jack, Baron Blood, or vampires?

How many Quicksilver stories can you tell without the Avengers, or Magneto, or the Inhumans? Both of the characters are niche player.

At least the recent appearances of Spitfire in the M13 line are very well-regarded critically; that's more than one can say about Quicksilver's history.

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