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Subj: Re: SOB list? [NSFW?]
Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 at 03:08:00 am EST (Viewed 101 times)
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The phrase with the acronym S.O.B. is probably not so much NSWF(noted better safe than sorry) since it is now a standard instory comment to give a character semblance of a hard edge. It just happened in Xforce #2 {editted here]
and in the current Enigma Force mini
to cite just 2 among the most recent examples.

Curious if anyone could cite issue #'s or recalled story moments where a Marvel comic uses the S.O.B. phrase. It should make for interesting observation to see how much this trend has been catching on since the censors have allowed it.

It'll be neat to find out the characters that have garnered this A.K.A. too. The gem of the list would be recalling the 1st time a Marvel comic used it. (And W.T.H., does anyone know if DC beat Marvel to the punch on this?)

I miss my brother.

Pretty sure Madrox has been called an SOB several times throughout the current X-Factor series.

FrankenCastle called Daken this a few times too.

Bishop called Fitzroy this in his recent biographical mini.

Bullseye called Daken this during their *ahem* ballsy fight.

I'll have to find the issue and check, but I'm pretty sure Juggernaut called Fish-Boy's stepfather(?) this too. That would have been way back in 2003.

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