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Subj: Re: Don't get too excited about the new H4H Series (semi spoilers)
Posted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 at 03:31:31 pm EST (Viewed 24 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Don't get too excited about the new H4H Series (semi spoilers)
Posted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 at 04:59:56 am EST (Viewed 398 times)

    I've only read the spoilers, but haven't gotten the issue. While in general it seems like a good idea, I think poor character selection will kill this title.

I hope not. DnA showed in Guardians of the Galaxy that they could take obscure characters and make them gold. That aspect of the new H4H is what I'm most looking forward to.

Who all is going to be their Rocket Raccoon and Groot this time? I've never liked Warlock either until they gave him the unusual space-magic angle in GoTG.

(I haven't read the issue yet)

    Its set up so that she tells the readers that she's doing this because she has a lot of favors to cash in with the various superheroes, but she's never really been that kind of character. It appears that they are giving her some never before seen history where she is making all these friends. I can't recall her ever really interacting with the Falcon, and while I'm sure she has at some point, it's never been an important scene/story. She's also never really been that type of Oracle (at DC) character that is a good manager and leader of other superheroes. She's always been the fighter.

Misty did the leading in the last H4H incarnation, didn't she?

The only flaw with Knight and Wing is that they don't quite have snazzy enough superheroic identities. (no code names or unique powers) But their characterizations and interactions with other heroes are great.

Misty's new arm can do some cool stuff now, I suppose. I'd like Colleen to get some sort of quirky magic weapon to set her apart from other ninja types.

    It just feels like there could have been a better choice for this type of system instead of Misty Knight. My instant thought is that this would have been a great role for Pepper Potts. New movie star character, and this would have been a better way to expose the character than making her needless Iron Man spinoff. She creates an organization that hires heroes which is backed by Tony Stark. With him you get the money, the intel, and the connections to other heroes. She's also had a history of being the "woman behind the heroes", with her past work with Iron Man and especially the Order.

I think Misty is way more interesting than Pepper, but then, being a team book reader, I haven't digested a ton of Iron-Man solo stuff.

    Also, if they are going to go with the Heroes for Hire aspect of calling various heroes up to do specific tasks, couldn't you choose more popular heroes than the ones that are appearing? It's obviously going to struggle in sales, so why not make limited use of characters like Spider-Man and Wolverine?

Oh please no. NO NO NO. We get way too much Spiderman and Wolverine already! And keep Deadpool very far away!

Ghost Rider is high profile enough for me.

I'm way more excited about Satanna being called in soon than I ever would be about seeing Wolverine.

    The main reason why you do a HFH title is because you want to use Luke and Danny. I really don't see why Marvel just continues to refuse to put those two characters together in this type of title? The basic premise of New Avengers right now is Luke collecting a bunch of his friends together to be a team, why not just incorporate that into a HFH title. It really seems like the new HFH title is just a cheaper version of the New Avengers.

I agree with you here, but I look at it the other way around. Bendis has turned the New Avengers into what should be Heroes For Hire. It's been that way for a long time. That's not the fault of this book though.

I fully expect this title to feel more Avengery than New Avengers. GoTG and even Nova often felt more Avengery than New Avengers. The Thanos Imperative definitely did.

What really should happen is that DnA should be given the Avengers to write, and Bendis should be doing Heroes For Hire so that he can use the characters he has the best affinity for, with them fitting the title just right.

Luke, Danny, Jessica, Echo, Daredevil, and RandomPersonWearingRonin outfit are all perfect for a H4H team, and like you say, Danny and Luke are the quintessential folks you think of when you see the title "Heroes For Hire".