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Subj: Re: Don't get too excited about the new H4H Series (semi spoilers)
Posted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 at 05:23:36 pm EST (Viewed 354 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Don't get too excited about the new H4H Series (semi spoilers)
Posted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 at 03:31:31 pm EST (Viewed 24 times)

    I hope not. DnA showed in Guardians of the Galaxy that they could take obscure characters and make them gold. That aspect of the new H4H is what I'm most looking forward to.

But using obscure characters usually leads to cancellation. And interestingly enough, Groot and Rocket Raccon were introduced to the current cosmic titles in the Conquest Starlord miniseries by a writer other than DnA.

    Misty did the leading in the last H4H incarnation, didn't she?

I beleive so. But then she was actually leading a team instead of secretly managing a collection of heroes behind the scenes. She just seems more fit to be one of the agents instead of a coordinator. Is she Marvel's version of Oracle?

    The only flaw with Knight and Wing is that they don't quite have snazzy enough superheroic identities. (no code names or unique powers) But their characterizations and interactions with other heroes are great.

They have more flaws than that. One is a severe lack of characterization, while readers may know who they are, they don't know much about their personalities. Misty is a tough black woman, and Colleen is a silent ninja type? Not exactly original. The best thing for these characters would be for Marvel to set them up in their classic status quo (Daughters of the Dragon investigations), and let readers get to know them as characters. I remember really liking the DotD miniseries from a few years ago.

    I think Misty is way more interesting than Pepper, but then, being a team book reader, I haven't digested a ton of Iron-Man solo stuff.

I think Misty is a C-lister that makes a couple of appearances every few years, while Pepper is a supporting character for a now very popular hero. In charge, Pepper would be the one I would be exploiting outside of the Iron Man titles. Instead they decided to make her Iron Woman.

Anyone else find it weird that the central character in the title isn't even on the cover? And characters that don't make an appearance in the first issue are?


      Also, if they are going to go with the Heroes for Hire aspect of calling various heroes up to do specific tasks, couldn't you choose more popular heroes than the ones that are appearing? It's obviously going to struggle in sales, so why not make limited use of characters like Spider-Man and Wolverine?

    Oh please no. NO NO NO. We get way too much Spiderman and Wolverine already! And keep Deadpool very far away!

They are very popular characters, and readers who like them may not be reading their current titles. It's the JLA effect, where readers can get one title a month and get all their favorite characters. Is Wolverine in 8 pages going to kill your interest in the title? Probably not. Get him in and get him out. Still use B-listers like Falcon and Moon Knight, but don't use C-listers like Paladin or Silver Sable.

    I agree with you here, but I look at it the other way around. Bendis has turned the New Avengers into what should be Heroes For Hire. It's been that way for a long time. That's not the fault of this book though.

I blame Marvel. HFH could be the team that features the buddies of Luke Cage, and New Avengers would just be Steve Rogers street level Avengers team. Instead NA is Luke's team, which I personally don't like as much.

    What really should happen is that DnA should be given the Avengers to write, and Bendis should be doing Heroes For Hire so that he can use the characters he has the best affinity for, with them fitting the title just right.

DnA doesn't have the prominence to take over an Avengers title. Those big titles have to be earned with sales. So now DnA will just linger from title to title. They could possibly get a secondary X-Men team like the New Mutants.